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Prayers for Addie


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I am finding it difficult to post these words here to you all who have so much courage and are facing a common beast, however, I do want you to know that I have been in touch with Addie and Mr Addie and I did say I would post an update...

...because of a deterioration in her condition over the weekend she won't be getting that next round of chemo treatment, however, she has started some pain medication, so our Addie is comfortable. She enjoys phone calls and Mr Addie says that headset phone has been great, she can hear her A-Team callers easily and answers clearly when she can.

Addie remains positive and strong in spirits, and I know she would be writing some sassy words to encourage you to fight the good fight.

I just wish I could find a bit of her eloquence today...


Addie's Shelwyn

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Thank you for the update.

Addie, thank you for being so very kind to me during my most difficult times. You have always been there with a supportive word and your incredible "Addie-tude". I am incredibly grateful to you.

Prayers & hugs,


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