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Cindi says.......


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The Pub is open. I think we all need to gather for a stiff drink. Whatcha think? She suggests bringing our crying towels. Nope...got that wrong. Towels are already there...full of tears. But...she has fresh ones.

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Ann and Cindi,

I plan to be there. But this time I am behaving. I think we need a big GROUP HUG....all of us....those struggling with the disease, those coping with family members dealing with the disease, those dealing with loss ~ fresh or otherwise. I suffer dry eye syndrome, but for the past week my eyes have been anything but dry :cry::cry: .

I never knew my heart could hurt so much. It hurts for all my famliy here struggling along with me. We need EVERYONE to come to the Pub. We all need the support of everyone else right now, I think. At least I do.

For you new folks, we gather at Cindi's Pub for different occasions. Sometimes we have good news and we celebrate. Sometimes we just get together. But there are times like now when we gather just to love each other and not be alone :? .

Thank you Cindi, for opeining up today. Knowing I will be there with all of you is a great comfort to me.



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I'm there... Thanks for opening the Pub!

It's been a tough couple of weeks here. I think a group hug sounds great. Could we also share some of the photos from the scrapbook, past events and also remember our friends from the wall of memory. I go there often, look at the posts and photos and remember old friends.

For me I think I'm going to order a "501 Blues" and let's toast to "finding a cure".


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Count on me being there. This hasn't just been a sad week, this has been a sad month. I counted about 17 deaths this month and lots of other disappointing scan results. My own hubby isn't feeling so well these days. Maybe I'll have the real Buds this time.. Light just won't cut it. Love our family here.

Hugs and Prayers,


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Count me in big time... I need an extra extra dry vodka martini, and keep em coming.

What an incredible 2 months. I think I shed more tears than I had all year!!

Count me in on that group hug, we all need it big time.

Bottoms up!!


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Am I too late, it's after eleven and I hope you've not all gone home.

Right about now a really stiff scotch and seven-up would be just the thing with a group hug chaser.

What a couple of weeks these have been, so many people gone in so short a time.

Okay, re-fill please and keep 'em coming.


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oh my goodness..

So many of you have come to share in our collective sorrows. It has been a heartache for so many of us here, particularly those who have lost a true love. We are all pretty much in the mood to grieve right along with you.

I am going to have a double martini. extra dry. stirred. not shaken. triple olives ...up.

Maybe two.

Throw your towels in the hamper and get a fresh one prn.


Cindi o'h

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