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Missing Mom


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Tomorrow is my birthday and I miss my Mom so much I can hardly stand it. Every year she would make me a Banana Nut Cake from scratch (my Grandmothers recipe) with Dream Whip frosting. She always used pink camellias, grown in her garden, to decorate my cake.

One year, she brought my cake up to my house since we were all going skiing the next day. She put the cake on my kitchen counter and we wondered off talking about something. Before we new it, one of my boys came running out of the kitchen laughing his head off and to our surprise my big ole puppy named Bear, a Great Pyrenees had licked off half the frosting from my birthday cake. We laughed so hard, then proceeded to cut away the dog licked side and ate the cake anyway. I will always cherish those memories.

I’ve have had a few thoughts of regret since my Mom passed away. We were always very close, and very much alike. We enjoyed each others company, and could talk for hours about anything. At the time, I had no idea we were so close to the end. When I lost my MIL to LC in 1993, the home nurse kept telling my husband and I that his Mom could go today. This went on for over 30 days and it was excruciating. I am truely thankful that my Mom went fast and didn't suffer.

The night before she died she was very restless. She kept trying to take off her oxygen and her shirt and she wanted to get up and walk around. We helped her walk not knowing what was going on or what she was thinking since she wasn’t able to speak. It was so scary and one of the hardest things I’ve ever been though. When I was getting ready to go home that night I went over to tell her I loved her, I was leaving and I’d be back tomorrow. She got very upset. After we got her settled down for awhile, I told her again that I was going to go home. Again, she got upset and stated thrusting about. A neighbor, that’s like a 2nd Mom to me was there and finally told my sister and I to go and she would stay there with her until she was asleep. I left her house in tears.

For months my Mom had wanted to see one last summer shower. On this night in September, she got it. We told her it was raining, hoping she would know. The following morning it was still raining. As I drove to her house, I desperately wanted this not to be the last day I’d have with my Mom, but it was.


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I know what you mean....our Moms are the ones that make sure were looked after even when we are all grown up. My Mom also made me a cake every year and my brother too. Even when she was so sick she was trying to bake a cake...I hope everyone out there who still has their Moms appreciates them as thy are irreplaceable in our lives..Janet

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I just read your post and it broke my heart. I'm so sorry that you have to have a birthday without your Mom here. She sounds like such a wonderful mother too. I like to think that although they are no longer here with us physically, they are watching us from above. With a Mom like yours, you have to have so many sweet, wonderful memories. May you have a wonderful birthday remembering those times and knowing that she is forever in your heart.

Warm Hugs,


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