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Update from Oncologist


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Today I saw my dad's doctor...I was getting his records. He talked with me and explained my dad's case. He said my dad's cancer had spread all over. He said the cancer was snuffing out my dad's oxygen and that there was nothing he could have done differently. I don't know if Im supposed to feel better because I don't. Im so terribly sad my dad's gone. I know he's not suffering anymore and he's in a better place, but I still hate he's gone. I want him here so badly. Im so afraid now and I feel so alone.

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So very sorry that you are dealing with so many issues at once. Like Don said, give yourself time. Losing your dad didn't happen overnight and healing from that loss won't happen overnight, either. If I were you, I would think this way about your talk with the oncologist. Apparently, the cancer had spread so extensively that there was nothing more that could be done. But...everything that could be done was done. You, his loving daughter, know that everything was done to save your dad. Your dad is at peace...pain free....happy. When the time is right, you will also be able to find peace. I pray that time is soon.

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I feel your pain I am going through the same thing. Everybody tells you that they are in a better place, not suffering anymore> we know that but it does make our pain of missing them go away. We want them here with us. But one thing I am sure they will watch over us and a lot of people told me that when they ready they will give you sign that they are watching over you. Their memories will live in our hearts for ever.

Take care of yourself.


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I'm so sorry about your Dad.I know how your feeling I lost my Dad on 11/18/05 he truly was one of the best! My life will never be the same and it hurts every single day but give yourself sometime to heal and you will see that you will laugh again and the pain will ease a little each day. You will never forget that's for sure.. I cry everyday but I do laugh too.

My Father was DX with Lung Cancer on 4/1/05

Take care of your self


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