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My Chemo Cancelled for Tomorrow

Fay A.

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My Oncologist is really sick with the crud I had last month and this month. So all of her patients have been cancelled and rescheduled for next week. Say a prayer, please, that she is feeling better soon, for her own sake as well as her patients. I was told her temp is over 103.

I saw my Primary Care Doc today, and he told me that when there is only one area involved in the chest wall-pleura (and he doesn't think there are two tumors. He thinks one is a broken rib...and I think I agree with him) I may be able to have it surgically removed and the chest wall reconstructed along with the broken ribs removed. I sure hope so. The one tumor is just huge...and I'm hoping we can make it go away. I guess you could say I am cautiously optimistic.

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Oh Fay! I just love seeing your optimism. You are an inspiration, and I just feel in my heart that you will come through this without that big bad tumor and with and new high-tech bionic chest wall. I don't know if it will help you run 6o miles and hour like the bionic woman, but maybe you will be able to huff and puff and blow my house down. :wink:

I am saying many many prayers for you to get your treatment, for your doctor to feel better soon, and for a successful surgery for you. My hands are crossed in prayer, my fingers are crossed in hope, and I will be braiding a section of my hair, keeping those strands crossed until I hear from you to do otherwise.

We love you Fay!

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Praying for you Fay. My whole family including myself had that, so called crud, over the holiday's. Two of my grandchildren devolped pneumonia. Not fun.

Good luck and take care.



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