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Here's another update.


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First of all--- Thanks to all of you for helping me "keep going". Also, thanks for everything you have contributing. This is turning into quite an event!!! I can promise you that our "lung cancer family here" will be recognized and promoted to all attending students, parents, visitors, survivors, caregivers,principals, school administrators,teachers and anyone else that may be present.

I also wanted to personally invite any of you to the event. Also, we have room for many awards (memorials and honorariums) if this is of interest. I will be sending programs to all lung cancer survivors or family members involved.

I f you are interested, you can pm me and I will get back with you ASAP!!!

Here is an update on the progress of the event:

The participating groups are from the Memphis, Mississippi, Dyer County and the Jackson area. We are anticipating at least 1500 people in attendance. There are families coming from all over the country to present awards in honor of their lost loved ones. We will have a power point presentation during the awards ceremony so the person the award is in honor of can be viewed by all the students from a huge screen on the stage. . Also, we will briefly talk about that person and their contributions. We are going to have survivor stories posted all over the school to be viewed by the attendants. At this time, I have about 25 stories---I could use many more. If you haven't been contacted about your story, please forgive me. If you would like your story submitted, please let me know!!!! This will be a positive experience and I know the kids will be proud they are involved in it.

My contribution to lung cancer society and to music students:

I am hosting this event in the hopes that we can instill empathy in our children towards people with this disease, help with the much needed funding for lung cancer research, honor many people affected by lung cancer, help promote the musical talents of our youth, and make our communities aware that this disease does NOT discriminate (It doesn’t care who your are, how old you are, your socio-economic background, what color you are, your gender, what you do for a living, etc.) It’s time that Lung cancer gets in the spotlight and the negative stigma that accompanies it forgotten!! Too many people are dying from this disease and the survival rates are scary!!!!!

We have 16 bands confirmed verbally (deadline not until Feb. 4th) and about 40 soloists.

The Memphis Sound Drum Corp will be hosting a brass and percussion clinic for the kids.

Judges will have a clinic for the woodwinds and strings students as well.

The band judges will be hosting a question and answer session for the directors during this time. (This will all happen right after lunch and during the clinic for the kids).

The Memphis Originals Café (Mo’s) will be setting up a studio for the winning soloist to record their performance and take a copy home with them.

We are trying to put something together with the Orpheum Theatre (Kind of like an American Idol for instrumentalists) to go around to the schools and promote a shortened version of a Broadway musical.

Amro music is donating trophies for the winning bands and soloists.

I am personally giving three $100.00 cash prizes to the winning soloists.

Fear Nothing Music Gear will be providing event staff t-shirts with sponsorships listed and setting up a booth.

Our website is working and all sponsorships, memorials, and honorariums will be noted there as well. (WWW.LUNGEVITY.ORG/PLAYINGFORACURE)

Absolutely Perfect Photography will have a studio set-up for group pictures with the foundation getting the profit.

We will also have individual and small group photos available for purchase.

Pin-mart is donating a 100 pins (angel playing a horn (our logo)) to be given to the winning bands and students.

Troop 240 Boy scouts will be handling parking and concessions.

We will be selling lung cancer awareness jewelry at the event as well as face painting.

We have a graphic artist and printing service that have donated their services.

I have a group of 4 women that are my “power four” that are helping me along the way.

We have been accepted by the Arkansas Activities Association. So, Arkansas bands and groups can attend.

I have contacted all of the state band organizations including Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama about invitations.

The event has been promoted on most statewide band websites and message boards.

Everyone gets a program with the sponsorships listed as well as the schools participating.

Anne McGinty and John Edmondson (nationally renowned composers) will be donating autographed music and monetary donations as awards to the winning groups.

The Mimi Farina (Joan Baez's sister) national website will be offering an award to a recognized soloist in memory of Mimi Farina (passed away from Lung cancer)

www.lchelp.org has made a contribution (support group to the stars of lung cancer).

The Jesse Owens (olympic champion)national website will be donating awards for two students in memory of Jesse Owens (passed away from lung cancer)

Gould’s Day Spa and Salon will be giving a spa package to a winning band director from the Memphis Area.

Slavehaven/Burkle House Museum will be dontaing passes to students (this was an Underground Railroad house)

Holly will be donating "hand made"scarves to various female students participating.

Other items donated (cologne, perfume, 100% silk tie, hotel stays, restaurant gift certificates, museum passes,movie passes, back packs, pins, and many other items

More donations to come!!!!!

All awards and trophies will be given in memory of people that have succumbed to or are suffering from this devastating disease. Ex. (http://laurianneshope.blogspot.com) (www.caringbridge.org/tn/jamie)

Awards for Bands and Soloists

Top Scoring Middle and High School Bands

*****Trophy for the band, certificates and lapel pins with our "angel playing a horn logo" for the participating students.

Top Scoring Soloists From Each Division

******Trophy, Certificate, "angel playing horn logo" lapel pin, $100.00 cash award and an opportunity to record their solo for a cd.

Anne McGinty (nationally renown band composer)will offer various autographed musical selections for winning band groups.

***All Bands will receive adjudication tapes, copy of the program and rating sheets.

***All soloists will receive ratings sheets, participation certificate , copy of the program and an "angel playing a horn"lapel pin.

Awards are in honor of :

Jessee Dewey Award---$100.00 cash prize for beginning division soloist (1st place)(memory)

Beth Yenney Award---$100.00cash prize for Middle Division soloist (1st place)(memory)

Brian K Osberg----$100.00cash prize for High Division soloist (1st place)(memory)

Donna Prevost Award---All divisions-solo trophy award (honor and Donna will be present at the event and recognized)

Mark Anthony Mollica Award ---High Division Band trophy(memory)--(1st place)

Laurianne’s Hope Award----Middle Division Band Trophy(memory)--1st place

William Slovacek Award-----Beginning Division Trophy (memory)1st place

Nancy Nissalke Award —2nd place gift bag for all divisions(memory)

David Wayne Chapman Award to be given to a trumpet soloist (trumpet gift bag-musical supplies)

Doris Green Hollo Award (muscial gift bag)

Earl DeCoursey Award 3rd place soloist gift bags for all divisions

James Ecker Award honor certificates for all participating bands

Leslie Guilloz Award (pending approval) 2nd and 3rd place plaques for soloists in all divisions

Awards are finalized!!!!

The deadline for all sponsorships is February 17th.

$1000.00 or more---Platinum Whole Note

Dr. Pallera and family

$500.00 or more---Platinum Half Note


$250.00 or more---- Gold Quarter Note

· Jon and Jamie Young

· “SUSU” Dina

. Amro Music

$100.00 or more ----Silver Eighth Note

· Allstate Ins.---Anthony (full)

· Faith Christian Church

· MidSouth Music

· State Farm Insurance - Bill

· Diana Young

· “Beth” Bill's wife

· Anne McGinty

· “Katie”—lchelp.org

. Kindermusik with Ann Durden

$50.00 or more------Bronze Sixteenth Note

· Amy Carr

· Absolutely Perfect Photography

· Fear Nothing Music Gear

· Gould’s Salon

. Memphis Zoo

$25.00 or more ----- Band member

· Reader’s Digest—Mack Rickman

· Visions Hair and Nail Spa

· Super King Buffet

. Slavehaven/Burkle House

. Rodelli Uomo

. Memphis Fragrance

. "Holly"

. Deanna Cross

. Malco

. Bosco's Restaurant

. Bread and Roses Foundation

In memory of:

Brian Osberg

William Slovacek

Nancy Nissalke

Jessee Dewey

Laurianne’s HOPE

Mark Anthony Mollica

Beth Yenney

David Chapman

Marilyn Murphy

Mimi Farina

Jesse Owens

Joe Alameda

In honor of:

Donna Prevost

Rachael Sensabaugh


Jamie Young

Jim Reid

Larry Vincent

Check out the post for the bands and soloists titles "Here we go". It's unbelievable!!!

Thanks all!!!


At this point, we have raised almost $6000.00. Not to mention what has come in through the website or what will be collected the day of the event. Our goal is 10,000.00. Our first year, I think that is awesome. Thanks to all of you that have contributed.

We will be sending the message to about 700 students. If we reach one, it will be worth it.

One day the stigma will be gone. No one should live in guilt. We should love and care for one another, no matter what the circumstances.



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Funny you should ask.

I have e-mailed and faxed information to the local station. Have not received anything yet.

Clear Channel has been very supportive in promoting this on their radio statio websites.

They are as follows:

www.rock103.com (look under Memphis, then community)

www.am107wdia.com (events/community)

www.wrecradio.com (events/community calendar)

www.am990.com (community events)

Who knows what will turn up next!!!

GOd BLess!!


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Folksinger Mimi Farina -- Bread and Roses founder

Gift of live music for thousands of shut-ins

Joel Selvin, Chronicle Staff Writer

Thursday, July 19, 2001

Mimi Farina, folksinger and founder of the Bread and Roses charitable organization, died of cancer yesterday morning at her Mill Valley home. She was 56. Her family, including sister Joan Baez, were at her bedside.

"She finally won her battle with cancer," Baez said.

Ms. Farina found out she had lung cancer in December 1998. She continued with plans for the gala 25th anniversary celebration for Bread and Roses at San Francisco's War Memorial Opera House in March 2000, where she appeared wearing a turban to hide her hair loss from chemotherapy treatments. She made jokes about not having bad hair days any longer.

With her husband, Richard Farina, she recorded a pair of classic folk albums in the mid-60s. Her husband, who wrote "Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me," died in a motorcycle crash on his way home from his first book- signing in 1966. It was her 21st birthday

Her romance with Richard Farina was chronicled in the current best-seller, "Positively 4th Street: The Lives and Times of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Mimi Baez Farina, and Richard Farina" by author David Hajdu.

Ms. Farina continued her career in music after her husband's death, although it was as founder of the charitable organization Bread and Roses that she found lasting rewards. The nonprofit organization in Marin County presents live music performances to shut-ins at hospitals, prisons and senior homes. Bread and Roses presented more than 500 performances at 99 institutions last year with more than 600 volunteers and a staff of only nine.

Mimi Farina, the youngest of three daughters, was born while their father studied for his doctorate at Stanford. She lived with her family in Baghdad and Paris, where she met Richard Farina, a half-Irish, half-Cuban beatnik. They married and moved to the Carmel highlands and pursued a career as a folk- singing team. Richard and Mimi Farina recorded two albums, "Reflections in a Crystal Wind" and "Celebration for a Grey Day," and at least one of their songs, "Pack Up Your Sorrows," was an airplay staple in the early days of underground FM radio. His dulcimer still sits in his widow's home.

After her husband's death, she continued to play music, including a brief fling with an acid-rock band, the Only Alternative and his Other Possibilities.

She joined the popular San Francisco satirical theater troupe The Committee the next year.

She married hippie radio entrepreneur Milan Melvin in 1968 in an improvised outdoor ceremony at the Big Sur Folk Festival, a counterculture social event prominent enough to have been chronicled in the pages of early Rolling Stone. The marriage ended in divorce two years later. She recorded an album with singer-songwriter Tom Jans in 1971, the last album she released, but at that point Ms. Farina was tiring of the music business merry-go-round.

"I suffered from comparing my voice to my sister's," Ms. Farina said in February 1999. "In the end, it was a great relief to stop singing."

The idea for Bread and Roses came in 1974 when she and her sister attended a moving show by bluesman B.B. King at New York's Sing Sing prison in 1974. "It was phenomenal to watch the place go silent, which doesn't happen that much in prison," she said.

But it was a performance she gave a few months later at a halfway house for troubled teenagers arranged by a cousin that crystallized the idea for Bread and Roses.

"It wasn't inspiring at the moment," she said. "It was hard to get their attention, this roomful of unhappy teens. But I realized I could imagine people who could be really good at this."

At first, Ms. Farina financed the organization with annual benefits at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. These were all-acoustic concerts, long before anyone called it "unplugged," that featured three days of the greats and near- greats of folk, blues and rock -- Kris Kristofferson, Ry Cooder, Jackson Browne, David Crosby and Graham Nash, and, of course, her sister.

She shifted her fund-raising approach to corporate and private donors after losses from the sixth annual event threatened to bankrupt the organization. The 2000 Opera House gala was the cornerstone of a campaign to raise $3 million to ensure the financial stability of the organization.

Among the many name entertainers who have volunteered for Bread and Roses are Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock, Huey Lewis, Neil Young and Van Morrison. Bread and Roses brought jazz great Jon Hendricks to sing at the Redwoods, a Mill Valley retirement home, and presented Willie Nelson to Delancey Street residents. Michael Feinstein once stayed at Laguna Honda hospital until he sang every request. At the rate of about 10 per week, Bread and Roses produces more shows than Bill Graham Presents.

There are now more than 15 other community organizations modeled after Bread and Roses across the country.

Ms. Farina is survived by her mother and father, Albert and Joan Baez, her two sisters, Joan Baez and Pauline Bryan. A memorial service will be held at Grace Cathedral, but a date has not been set.

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