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Alimta Side Effect?


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Keith is on his second treatment of the Alimta. Generally he is feeling like absolute crap. He is so exhausted, and for the first 3 days following treatment he has stomach cramps and nausea. For the entire three weeks between doses he has on and off stomach aches and stomach pain. And Oh So Much exhaustion.

But my question is about his teeth. For the past week he has been complaining that all his teeth hurt. In fact yesterday he said it was more than aching, it was powerful pain. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this side effect from chemo, or alimta specifically. If so, is there anything to do to help this?

I just can't stand to see him in pain. He already has too much pain from his lymph node in his neck. I want to minimize any others that I can.

Also, I am asking for your prayers for another matter. I don't know if any of you remember, but about a year ago we went through testing to see if Keith qualified for an experimental treatment in Switzerland. At the time he lacked the hormone receptor site density. Since then he's been taking Sandostatin because a small percentage of people taking it also develop more receptors. Well, we were retested Jan 10th and it did show more receptors. The doctor here thought it looked positive enough to send to Switzerland. We were suppose to hear whether he was accepted this past week but haven't heard anything yet. We are still waiting, but I could use all your hundreds of prayers here that he be accepted, and that this be our magic bullet.



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I have no knowledge of Alimta side effects, Carleen. However, want you to know Fred and I are keeping you and Keith in our prayers....for improvement for Keith and baby concerns as well. Now we will add that Keith be a candidate for the Swiss study.

We are thinking and supporting you both from afar.



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Carlene, I've read articles recently on Avastin and Alimta that discuss potential serious side effects to the jaws and teeth. I can't find those articles right now to post to this site (I hate it when I can't document what I write), but it did state that any time there was pain in the mouth (jaw) this should be brought to the Oncologist's attention ASAP. So please do not delay in letting his Doc's know of the problem, and let them decide if it is serious or not.

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You and Keith are in my prayers for Keith's acceptance into the clinical study in Switzerland, and for a successful outcome to that. Hope you hear from them very soon.

As for the fatigue that Keith is experiencing during the Alimta regimen, my husband is experiencing the very same effects - nothing with the jaw/teeth area, though.

Bill began the Alimta treatment last Wednesday, January 25. The fatigue set in on Friday, and he has been "tired" every day since.

Yesterday, Saturday, he was active during the day, but took a very long nap. It seemed to give him "some" energy, but not back to old self yet.

This is unusual for Bill, as he has always been quite active and has had the energy level of a much younger age. He still is, but it can be seen that he is "pushing" it.

I will try to post any side effects as we go along.

Many blessings are wished for all here.


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Thanks everyone!

well, after much exhausting searches on the internet to find any links to Alimta and teeth, I came up with absolutely no listed side effect. So, I made Keith go to the dentist yesterday even though he just saw a dentist a few months back. Since I wanted him in immediately I made the appointment with a new clinic that had an opening. They found that Keith needs to have a wisdom tooth pulled, and the tooth next to it has a huge hole that needs filling. Hopefully this will take care of all the pain.

I am so glad he went to this new dentist and that they found the problem. I'm not too impressed with our previous dentist. He is the nicest man, and has had his practice for over 45 years. But every time I've had to have work done he either doesn't give me enough novacaine, or the medication he stocks is old and lost it's power because I wind up in pain. Plus Keith just had what we thought were all his wisdom teeth out (3) just about 6 months ago and I just can't believe he missed this one and that he missed this problem. I think it is time he retired.

Thanks again for all the prayers, and I will update you as soon as we hear something on Switzerland. We are still waiting :cry:

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