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Not turning in pass just yet


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I am hanging onto my surgery pass and staying low for a while. WHile my surgery was successful on the 24th, I am having many issues with pain and extreme nausea associated with the different pain medication. I feel like I've been hit by many buses!

While I am not answering posts here, I am being kept posted and I want all of you who are so important to me to know that my thoughts and prayers continue to be with you daily.

I will begin to post more as I feel capable. Thank you to Connie and those who asked about me.


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Hope you are feeling better real soon! I, too, have MUCH trouble with pain meds. NIH recommended for me to triple, or even quadruple, OTC Motrin. It worked like a charm after quite extensive surgery. Worth a try????

Love and miss you,


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Hi Katie

So happy to see you post.

I pray they get you some pain medicine that works. No one should have to be in pain after an operation. I really feel for you.

Hang in there, heal, get well and come back soon. You are missed so much here.


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Thanks everyone. I am working my way back to normal a little bit everyday!

Many hugs to all that cared enough to ask and If I didn't answer your post, please know that I did read it and I continue to pray for everyone here.

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