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Need Some Suggestions

Nancy B

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We have a Top Alcohol Funny Car and we will be racing at a very major race here in SO CA in February. Until we land a major sponsor, the whole side of our car is blank.

My husband and son have offered to put something about lung cancer on the side of the car for this event. This race usually draws 30,000 to 50,000 people over a 4-day period. Besides being a 250 mph billboard, the spectators are able to walk through the pits to see the cars and talk with the drivers (our son). So, what should I put on the side of the car (both sides). My son suggested the breathDeep bracelet. I thought about Lungevity as I want the focus to be on lung cancer research. I will have the LCSC flyers to hand out at our pit area. We can't sell anything (NHRA would take the profits). But this is free advertising and our son knows the announcer so he might be able to get it brought up when we are on the starting line. This is drag racing (only 2 cars on the starting line at one time).

I would appreciate any ideas. If anyone wants to see a picture of the car, I can e-mail it, I don't know how to post pictures here. Please let me know if you have any questions about the race or the car. Thanks for your help.



Nancy B

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My husband and I were talking about it. He suggested, "why not the lung cancer ribbon slanted with tread marks after it ---Written under it --Racing or Speeding towards a cure"? Something that could easily be seen at fast speeds.



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Thanks for all your suggestions. We have decided to go with the picture that is on the LCSC postcard. It will have Lung Cancer Support Community on top and the website on the bottom. This is the first time we have ever put something on the side of the car. I will be taking pictures. I have some of the LCSC post cards and will hand them out in our pit area. This race will be on TV Saturday and Sunday, usually on ESPN2. Our car won't be shown as we are not in the Professional category but you can get an idea of what we do. The race is called the Car Quest NHRA Winternationals.

Hopefully we can really get the word out about LCSC and can generate some income for the site and for lung cancer. Thank you to all of you-I couldn't have gotten through my 2 bouts of LC without your help and support.

Hugs to all,

Nancy B

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