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Moving On--changes


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I made a decision today. One that I never thought I would make. Then so many things started to tell me that it is time. So today I decided. If everything works out I plan on moving soon.

I love where I live as all of you know but it has just gotten too hard for me to continue this way. I really think my hand is being forced so I will move forward to what I am meant to do. So many things could not go wrong otherwise.

I filed my income tax. Instead of getting all $1200 back I will only get about $400. Then I got a letter from Social Security telling me I will get $279 not $479. If that is not a mistake I will tell them that I will wait until I am 65 to draw it. At least I will be able to earn more and maybe raise what I will get then.

Yesterday the final sale went through on the park where I live. Not only are they raising the rent and the fee for water and trash but they are making demands I don't want to live with. They are changing the whole atmosphere of this place. It just wont' be the same.

The apartment house where Claire lived is a complex for seniors. The rent you pay is determined by your income. I would not have that long drive everyday and I would have a chance for some kind of social life. Utilites would be cheaper and I could work longer hours but less days.

I am hoping that I can get one now that I have made up my mind. I will really miss it here. I have so many good neighbors and friends I have made. I love our little church and the peace and quiet here. The whole problem is even if I stay it won't be the same. The changes they are making will change the whole atomosphere that makes this such a special place. Many others will be moving too. I think that is what the new owners want. They want all of us out so they can try to make this a place for higher income people. I think it will backfire on them and truthfull I hope it does. So I guess now that I have made the decision I will be anxious to follow through.

One more thing that I want to do. When my license plate is up for renewal I am going to request a new number. Pat has been telling me that I should get it changed. I'm not really superstitous but I have had so much bad luck sense I moved back to California I am ready to try and see if it helps. The last 3 numbers on my plate are 666. Maybe that too is something that I am being led to change.

When I first came here I got something that I needed. I could never have gotten it anywhere else. Now the time in my life has come to move on. I just pray that I am making the right decisions but I have to start somewhere.

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Hey Lily,

Changes are good....look foward and remember only the good yesterdays.

You go for it girl, I think it would make things so much easier for you. You mine as well be as comfortable as you can as you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Try to make life as simple as possible for whatever remaining time we have here. Then some day you will be reunited with your Johnny. He will be so glad he did not have uto worry about you so much as you took the bull by the horns and made changes to benefit you.

Whatever you decide to do, just think of the pros and cons then follow your heart.

Maryanne :wink:

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