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Questions on Dealing With Oxygen Needs


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I am wondering how mom can deal with her oxygen needs at home. She is currently on 5 liters continuous oxygen that is being provided by a concentrator at the nursing facility -- she goes through one portable tank in taking two trips to the shower area. When we go to doctor appointments, she goes by ambulance as no other transportation can provide oxygen between the facility and the cancer center. Even the cancer center doesn't have a concentrator for her, so she goes through 3-4 tanks for her chemo. treatment.

We obviously would need a concentrator at home -- but, what do we do when things like the power go out (hasn't happened lately, but our power has been known to be out for over a week)? How do we plan for how many tanks to have around? Thankfully, we do have the house wired for a generator so I can provide short-term support there: I just can't store enough fuel around here for an extended length of time (local regs and environmental regs...sticky business there for my area) -- I can do a couple of days continuous, maybe. Right now, there's no way she can go without at all.

Any experience with this would be appreciated. It is on my list of questions for the doctors as well -- they wanted her home a bit ago, but noone is even thinking about this stuff except me at the moment.


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I keep a 24 hour supply of large portable tanks to use when the power goes out. My Oxygen supplier can be telephoned 24 hours a day 7 days a week for assistance if I should lose electricity. I have applied for a medical life support through my Electric Provider, so they know that I am on supplemental O2, and in the event of a power outage they are aware of the impact this has on me. So repairs to lines with designated Medical Life Support indicators means the Power Company works on those lines first if possible.

Earlier this month there was a power outage that lasted overnight in some areas and several days in others. The Oxygen Supplier was out delivering extra portable tanks to it's customers all night long.

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Mike is on 2 liters of oxygen continuously at home. You can get tubing that will go 25 to 50 feet so that it will stretch a good distance in the home. We are fortunate in that it will stretch to our bathroom and there is a big enough gap at the bottom of our bathroom door for the tubing to go under. Our oxygen provider also has provided us with a large tank that will last 4 hours ( in Mike's case) to use in event of power outage. His portable tanks will last an average of 3 hours and they serve our needs for most outings. We order 7 at a time and call when we are down to 2 . Like Fay's provider, ours are on call 24/7. Our cancer center and doctor's offices are equipped with supplimental oxygen to help us out. There is even a concentrator at both. Hope this helps.


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