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Liver tumors


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Hello all.

My mother just got the latest CT results: lung tumors shrunk (from radiation) and liver tumors grew (from no chemo in months, I guess). We have an appointment with the oncologist Wednesday and I just want to be prepared because I broke down at the last one when he used words like "too weak for more chemo" and "hospice."

My mother is very weak -- in bed a lot, resistant to food and drink, wound up in hospital this week for dehydration. But she has only lost about 8 pounds, doesn't rely on oxygen, pain is under control, blood counts fine. She really wants to hang on until her grandchild is born in June.

Do you know: how fast these liver tumors grow and how much the liver can take? is chemo the only thing that can keep them at bay? is there some kind of chemo (low-dose?) that can keep things stable with minimal side effects (unlike the topotecan, which walloped my mom), what determines if a patient is too weak for more chemo?


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Oh gosh.....don't have any answers for you....BUT will send as many positive thoughts and wishes and prayers to you and you Mother that things can improve and she will be able to be here for the birth of her grandchild in June.

She sounds like she is doing pretty well, and YES, things like this have been known to happen.


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From what I know the liver can take a lot before it is compromised. There are techniques for treating isolated liver tumors like RFA and Cyberknife, these do not involve chemo. It is probably best to seek help at a large Cancer Center Hospital, they will have access to all the latest treatments. Hope your mother improves soon.

Karen H

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We worked with a man who had SCLC and his liver had numerous tumors at diagnosis. The first round of chemo did shrink them, and he lasted a year. My wife, who has NSCLC, presently has a large tumor on her liver, but no symptoms. The Gemzar/Navelbine she took July through December was supposed to shrink the tumor, but it didn't. However, it did not grow larger. She is presently getting ready to try another chemo to shrink it. Don

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Hi -

There are chemos which are less toxic like Gemzar/Carbo and are very effective for many people. June is not that far away. Focusing on the baby as a goal is great idea. I am so thankful that my mom made it to see her first grandchild - my daughter. The look on her face when she saw the baby is worth everything my family went through prior to the date.

Lots of love,


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