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New Game - Remember When


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OK...let's keep our minds busy and play a new game. Each of us will post something that we remember that isn't around anymore or has changed. I'll start....

Remember when giving birth to a baby was a three day hospital stay? Now it's like visiting a drive thru for fast food. In fact, it's taken me longer to get fast food at times.

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I'm starting to feel old... :(

My town still has a drive in! My kids and I go there on many a weekend over the summer. Nothing like it at all... when they were little you took them in their PJ's and they would fall asleep. Now we set up lawn chairs in the back of a truck. Crank up the sound. You can bring your own food and it doesn't matter whether or not you talk during the movie! What fun!! My kids love it.

I also remember A & W. I remember being a kid and thinking it was the coolest thing to talk in that speaker and then have someone bring your food right to the car. Then we would just sit in the car and eat it. I haven't thought of that in ages. My kids would say "why did you want to sit in a parking lot in your car and eat?" "Why not just go into a restaurant?" why did we do that??

How about the milk man that delivered milk right to your door...??? I really wish I could still get that. The ice cream truck? Calling a business and actually talking to a real person!!

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I remember walking 5 or 6 blocks to the park to go swimming or ice skating with a friend. Back then, it was ok to do that without a parent.

I remember the band "Asia."

I remember those hard root beer candies shaped like barrels. We'd load up on them plus a few Bazooka gums and get change back from a quarter!

I remember stirrup pants with tunic sweaters (yuck!).

I remember when I thought 35 was old! :lol:

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This game is really making me realize how old I really am.

Rich...I remember all three. I remember playing all those records on my little GE record player. It had the arm that would automatically drop down the 45's. My mom used to always yell at me to turn it down. She would have really loved boom boxes and surround sound!!!

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I remember when sodas were sold in glass returnable bottles. I remember my older sister had moved to Florida. I took the bottles around to the store so I could buy a stamp so I could mail her a letter . I don't even know how she recieved the letter. All I had on the envelope was her name and the city and state. Boy I remember when stamps where only 2 cents.

Best Wishes,


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