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Now they want a biopsy??

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I got the strangest call today from the cyberknife nurse. They wanted the biopsy report of Jeff's lung tumor. Well, he never had one. They took the biopsy from his liver tumor a year ago because they thought it too risky to go into the lung. Anyway, the nurse says,"Well, we'll have to schedule him for a biopsy' and I said,"Well, I think we won't schedule a darn thing until I talk to a whole bunch more people". The whole reason for cyberknife is to be non-invasive..kinda defeats the purpose if we do a biopsy. Just venting..I'll let you know more as I get this all sorted out.


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Well, I'm walking and talking proof that biopsy procedures are not without risks...

Best to have tumors removed with clear margins and undisturbed. The great big old tumor in my left pleura that is currently breaking my ribs is the result of a Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy of a tumor in my left Lung done in August that went very, very wrong. I have seeding of malignant cells into the pleura/chest wall as a result. If you ask the docs about this they will tell you this almost never happens. I have read all kinds of reports on FNAB done on all kinds of cancers located in all kinds of organs, and the risk is much higher than the docs will admit. And really, Folks, if it happens to you or someone you love it is one time too many.

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ugh, Trish. how irritating. sounds like the called the wrong patient or something!? bizarre. at any rate, I think cindi's and fay's suggestion is a good one - offer them the information from other sources and get a darn good reason for the biopsy, if it really is to happen. you're so good at advocating for Jeffrey. he's lucky to have you.



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Hi Trish: it is almost certain that the lung tumor is malignant based on the liver biopsy I would think. I guess they are following a protocol. They may not know about the liver tumor biopsy.

Basesd on Fay's experience and because they are not very reliable, I would never do a fine needle biopsy again. I would rather have a wedge resection with margin followed by biopsy of the tumor. Of course, that would make cyberknife surgery pointless, eh?

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The Surgeon insisted that he could not operate to remove the tumor from my left and only lung without a biopsy proven malignancy...

But the pathology on the tumor from the FNAB came back inconclusive! It didn't prove anything!

And the Surgeon operated to remove the tumor anyway about 3 weeks later...

Have you guys considered contacting Kasey's and MaryAnn's surgeon out of the National Cancer Institute?

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