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I've always been a social smoker. I have probably smoked 20 packs my entire life (I'm 35) and that might be pushing it. Last week I smoked a pack of cigarettes, I hadn't smoked in years, don't know what made me start except for stress and I oddly craved one but afterwards, (and I mean like the next day after the pack was gone) I developed a scratchy throat and "tickle" in my throat. Sometimes it turns into a little cough but it's mostly a tickle. I've also had some shortness of breath. I'm worried this could be an early stage of lung cancer although I can't imagine symptoms popping out this soon after smoking again (but what do I know?) Would it behoove me to have an early detection test (I'm pretty sure I am or this is going to drive me batty) and if so, what type of doctor do I look for? Any suggestions on how to get started on this path to getting an early detection test would be great.

Thank you!

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You're paranoid. If you're worried about possibly having LC due to smoking, stop smoking now. A mere 20 packs in your lifetime should be an easy quit.

The tickle and shortness of breath? Sounds like your body telling you that breathing in cigarette smoke is irritating. Simple as that.

If you want the tests, talk to your doctor. Just remember, radiation exposure (x-rays, nuclear medicine) can lead to cancer, as well. Quite a few of us here diagnosed young and with a slight or no cancer history, I wouldn't write off the possibility, but I think you're worrying about nothing. Now, if there is a strong family history of lung cancer and you've been exposed to a lot of other risk factors, there may be more to worry about. Talk to your doctor.

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I think you're worrying more than you need to. I've never heard of rapid onset LC after smoking a pack of cigarettes. I don't mean to be dismissive, it's just that I think you're putting yourself through unneccessary drama.

that said, I had a peace-of-mind test, but my mother has LC, I smoked a pack a day for 15 years, grew up in NJ, live in NYC, etc. etc.

it's called a spiral CT scan. it cost me $300., not covered by insurance.

good luck.

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I am a never smoker diagnosed at age 46. All it takes is a trip to your family doc and a chest x-ray. That's how they found mine. BTW, my family doc swore up and down I couldn't have lung cancer because I was too young and never smoked. But he was wrong, boy was he wrong. My tumor was 10 cm. Barb

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