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Does anyone know why Addie/Libby declined so suddenly?


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I had just spoke w/ Addie 10 days ago. She seemed so much better. I know spine mets were tx during hospital stay. She had guests arrive the day I called so I didnt have time to ask if Gamma or WBR would be done for brain. Last she said just feet and hands were still bothering her.

I didn't want to bother her family w/ details only an LC friend would want to know.



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I don't have any more details for you. I wish I did. your post is a little heartbreaking. as close to home as her (and others') death hit for me, it must be doubly difficult for people who knew her well, (loved her, of course) and have LC, themselves.

I'm so sorry, sweetie.



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I don't know how or why--it did happen suddenly--

And Addie had received WBR sometime ago.

I was to go and visit Addie a little over a week ago--her hubby Paul called and said not to come since the weather was dreadful, the roads were horrible, etc.

But Addie and I spoke on the phone that morning--Addie was sharp, comfortable, whitty and sassy--we talked, we laughed, she told me things could be worse and she was not complaining--except that she was tired of Paul serving soup for dinner!

I am just so thankful that I was able to visit with her the day before she left us--I had printed out all of the posts and threads from the various groups she was so close to--and as I read her all of the good wishes from each and every person, she smiled, as she remembered each and every one.

She had guests arrive the day I called

Our dear Addie always had guests! She was so so loved.

And she loved each and every one of you.

As as one of her dear friends recalled from an e-mail Addie had sent to her dear friend after she experienced a loss of a beloved on her birthday:

"We have to allow ourselves to really feel an emotion in order to move thru and beyond it. So weep and grieve until it feels more right to begin counting all the wonderful years of memories and moments together... We call it 'goodbye' but it really is 'so long...till we meet again'... but in future years I know you'll find ways to celebrate your birthday along with celebrating Kate's life as well... Farewell, sweet Kate. You carry an awful lot of love with you as you embark on your final journey. You left a lot of love behind you too."

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I ditto what Connie said. Just from being around cancer and having family die from it. It seems to be fast, but it probably wasn't. I have seen people talking and laughing and within a day or two be gone.

Addie was very special and will be greatly missed.


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Her "addietude" and insight was incredible. What she wrote about her beloved dog passing can also be told to us from her.

I miss her so much. Her "addietude" and presence will always shine through here as she left a lasting impression on here through all her inspiring postings.

Rest in peace, our dear dear Addie...Libby..

Maryanne :cry:

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