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Now a Stroke


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I been reading for a while now...praying and quietly sharing in your joys and sorrows. Hopefully my profile is included below. We were so excited on January 18th to be told my husband was in remission. Then just 3 days later he suffered a minor stroke. We have been told his carotid artery has 90% blockage and he will need surgery. His heart has been weakened by chemo, and now they want to test for blockage to the heart arteries before the carotid artery surgery. Has anyone else dealt with a stoke after treatment. I am worried.

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Have not walked in your shoes. You had good news once and you have to keep thinking you will get more good news. Will say prayers for you and your family. Medical Sccience can truly amaze you these days. Think Positive and will say a prayer tonite.

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MEA, I am so sorry you both have to deal with this. so I guess the blockage is unrelated, but the cancer treatment complicates the stroke treatment? that's just crappy. I know there've been people on here who developed heart trouble after treatment.

my mother did have a minor stroke in December, but it was caused by her blood thinners and her only treatment was stopping them, and time.

I wish I could be more help to you. just know that we're here. god, it's so hard when you feel like everytime you finally get on your feet, you get knocked over again...hang in there.



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Sorry for taking go long to say thanks for your prayers...everytime I started to reply, my computer would shut down.

We are still in a waiting mode for surgery, as my husband's blood count were too low last week for Chemo. Hopefully, tomorrow and Thursday will be his last treatment. Then it an angiogram and eventually carotid artery surgery. Feeling better as we had second opinion.

Thanks for all this group does to help everyone.

Good Bless,


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