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I might get detention


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I might get in touble, anyway. I'm not too worried, but I want to do the right thing. my billable hours for January were really low here. my time spent on LCSC was only part of the cause, but I need to ease up a bit and commit to spending more time at work, actually working. IMAGINE THE NERVE OF THEM.

I'm not going anywhere, I just need to back off a little on the weekdays. I just didn't want anyone to think I was losing interest, or that my devotion to the people here who saved my

a%@ over the past eight months was waning at all. in addition to the information and support I derive from all of you, I feel I owe a lifetime debt of gratitude.

mom had an MRI on Friday to check the progress of her healing from that mini-stroke, and I will post her full update whenever I get those results.

your friend and bunny,


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Amie, I can fully understand about those nasty billable hours. As you know, my son left the firm he was with because of billable hours pressure. I know you love your job and the firm you are with, so pay attention to details, gal! I know that I get in the same situation here at work. Hey...gotta pay those bills!

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Hi Bunny,

We completely understand. Thank you for thinking of us and letting us know instead of us worrying where you are!!!!

Praying for good results from you Moms MRI.

Now, don't work TOO hard. Got it?? :D

Warm Hugs,


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I do not think I can ever take a job with billable requirements again, I am too fragile to work that many hours :( Which is kind of sad given how mcuh time and energy was spent on my education. I think the stress of it is how my fibromyalgia type of symptoms kicked in.

For those who are curious and don't know about billable hours in a lot of law firms, to make your yearly requirement, you typically have to work on average 10 hours each day; AND if you want to take a vacation, it is not really a vacation b/c you also have to make up that time to make your yearly billable hours. So for 5 days off, you need to find another 50 hours somewhere. Did I know this before law school? Heck no!!!!!!!!! Suck a duck. :roll:

And the worst part of it is that most of the time it is not even like you are doing anything enjoyable or important :)

Oh my gosh the tramatic memories of billable hour days you just brought back for me Bunny :) I need chocolate just thinking about it.

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