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question about juicing


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Hello Friends,

My father's regular doctor suggested juicing. Do you know what kind of juicer to buy? I see them priced anywhere from $59-$140. What kinds of things do you juice? Do you know of any fruits or vegetables that are good for being juiced to fight cancer? Thanks for any suggestions you have.

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I bought a juicer after reading "What to Eat When You Have Cancer" and the corresponding cookbook written by the same author. It had a TON of juicing ideas -- especially ones for soothing your throat during radiation treatment or settling your stomach during chemo. I think I have the "Juiceman Jr." (I sound like an infomercial...) It also comes with a booklet with juicing tips and ideas. I think it was around $60.

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Guest Michael

I have an inexpensive Juiceman, Jr. ($59) and it works just fine. Use only vegetables and mostly green ones including parsley. AVOID fruit and fruit juice or anything with sugar. There are many (including myself) who believe that cancer's favorite food is sugar. Starve the beast. Happy Juicing.

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Try this one?

Half carrot juice (sweet, organic carrots if possible)

one-fourth beets with tops

one-fourth dark leafies (if no dark leafies, use cucumber)

This is the one I use 5x a day.

Also I use flax seed oil 3x a day with meals, essiac tea morning and night.

I try to eat red raspberries each morning at breakfast and also a considerable number of grapes each day. Also almond butter - I'd use whole almonds but don't have good teeth, good enough to chew up almonds now.

Leaning towards a vegetarian diet but find it hard to do - still including yogurt, a little milk, butter, and can't get past the CHEESE. I need to drop the cheese a while but haven't yet.

At any rate, read up on the above veggies and fruits, specifically. Really impressive. It's FOOD so I don't think it will hurt me. :)

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