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Sacred...Want to know don't want to know


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Yesterday my Dad finished his first round of chemo and went for his scan. ( its part of the study he is in).At this moment I am scared, we all are . We want to know the results and at the same time we don't. We pray for good results,but yet there is that little voice at the back of our head saying if there isn't or if there is more them they are stopping the chemo, and them were do we go from there?

The chemo has been my Dad's hope it has made him such a believe that he can beat this. Because of it and his attitude he has made all of us believers don't want him to lose that hope he has(that we all have)More then anything I don't want to lose my Dad.

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Everyone knows the scan fear...everyone. Unfortunately it is part of the roller coaster. We will all be thinking about you. Know that the radiation starting next week will really help with the pain and will shrink those areas radiated.

Keep us posted. Prayers for peace for all of you regardless of the results.


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So sorry Char, for what your dad and your family is going through.

I am sending prayers for good scan results. Keep that positive attitude going. There is a always hope that there may be something else they can try.


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Oh, I hope you get good news soon.

We all know the fears, but they are still so tough. I just knew my mom's would come back bad this week, because of her SOB of late, but they were stable. No real way to know, even when we think we are 'good' at it.

Keep the faith, and keep us posted.

:) Kelly

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We got the results from the scan and there is some shrinkage. I am so happy i am crying. This is a miracle. Thank you all for your prayers.

I know we are out of the woods but there is hope and there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

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That is very, very good news. Shrinkage is one of my favorite words. STABLE is another, and NED is wonderful, of course.

May this shrinkage continue, and give your Dad, and all of your family even more reason for positive attitudes.

Prayers are being said for all of you.


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