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Dad is in ICU


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Hi All

I was part of the blackout, its been really rough not be able to be here. My dad is iN ICU right now. They are saying they dont know what is wrong. HIs pulm say his lungs have fluid but not like usual, he said they are acting like a sponge and absorbing it. If they cant get it under control, they will put him on a respirator. My dad wrote down NO RESPIRATOR on a sheet of paper, the doctot told us its not for life support its just to get him better. He seems to think whatever is wrong may be corrected. All I know is I am not feeling to good about this. On top of everything we couldnt go see him yesterday. They didnt want any visitors at the hospital because of the blackout. If anyone has any ideas on what might be going on as always I appreciate any input. I think I will try and catch up on the boards to see whats been going on since I have been gone.

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