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New guy... looking for info and info shaing....


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Hi my name is Chuck, I am 65 years old going on 55 years old.

A heart oriented CT discovered a small 2.3cm nodule on my left lung,after needle biopsy and PET it is T1, N0, M0...

I also have Empysema at 35 to 40% of a normal set of lungs...

I have met with 3 MDs and 2 RNs at a Lung Cancer clinic designed to help assist in picking a course of action or treatment.

The majority of the team I met with are advising surgery, a lobectomy or at least Wedge resection if it does not further impair my lung capacity.

My pullmonary MD says it will diminish my lung capacity to some degree, at least 10%...

Can anyone here tell me how effective Radiation/Chemo

might be as an alternative...


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Chuck, with your positive attitude ( since you are only going on 55) I would go for a wedge resection and chemo. It that tumor is handy they could do laproscopic thoracotomy so you wouldn't even have a big incision to heal! Go for the CURE! Did you know that for a while they were TREATING Emphysema and COPD with lung reduction! so that what was left would expand more! Please keep us posted what you and your doctors decide. Best wishes. Donna G

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Welcome to the site--I love your sign on name by the way. When my husband was first diagnosed we were told the best hope for recovery was surgery--so if it's an option for you I'd go for it. Good luck and once again welcome to our family.

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Thanks everyone for your prompt and helpful replys...

Don,over the years I have had 3 different surgeries but nothing as serious as a lung operation, I find myself apprehensive regards surgery, how did yours go, any complications, was the recovery fairly quick...?

Frank, how is radiation/chemo detrimental to lung capacity and breathing ...appreciate any info.

I have about 3 weeks to make a decision on this....

thanks all...

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Hi Ry, I'm from Plymouth, Michigan and I am using

St Jo in Ypsilanti.

I am quite fortunate in that my cancer is a small 2.3cm nodule... T1, N0, M0 early stage...

I am struggling with the decision of Surgery vs Radiation...the radiation onc that I talked to said that I was a probale 50% or higher 5 year survival candidate...

the Thorasic surgeon and Chemo onc said I was a 60% or higher candidate for 5 year survival...


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Welcome.. I wanted to say that surgery was not an option for my Mom. So she was offered the chemo/radiation. Luckily this worked for her. I know that NSCLC does not respond as well to chemo as SCLC does. Alot see only shrinkage with thtis treatment. I have always been under the impression that if you were a candidate for surgery this was a good thing as it is your best chance to become cancer free. Many people are never given surgery as an option. I know i certainly worried more worried when i learned mom couldnt have the surgery. I am sure you will make the right decision for you. I am glad you have the time to research it and find out all you can.

Please keep us posted and again Welcome.


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Hi Chuckles (tee hee)

I want to welcome you here. You have to weigh your options and decide what is right for you. I understand that you are turned off to surgery as you have been through so many. But surgery for LC can save your life.

Since you have a shortened lung capacity maybe you can look into cyberknife or RFA.

Whatever you decide we will support you and will always be here to answer your questions or to just give you support.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

If you see my husband's profile below you will see that he had an upper left lobe removed. Then he had Chemo, which was very doable and he had very little side effects.

Only one in 4 can have an operation. So consider that also.


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Chuck,the good news is that if your from Michigan half the battle is won.We have lots of survivors from there.

Surgery is a major surgery and takes a long time to heal,but it is probably the best way to rid the cancer.

Radiation and chemo are different for everyone but usually cause fatigue and nausea.They are doable tho.

I have had more radiation than one should have and now have lots of scar tissue in my remaining lung which restricts breathing as well.I am still active tho and do lots of things.Just not like I used to or would like to.

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My husband had surgergy. Caught tons of infection and ended up in the vent for 40 days. This is an isolated case, most people do get out good. After 3 months he was restaged to 4 from 1b. If I have to reverse the clock, I would just do chemo.

Just my 2 cents. God Bless you and keep the faith.

Hope and pray all goes well.


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I had surgery. I wanted it out. It wasn't a hard decision for me. Take your time and get a second opinion like Ry said. Michigan has great facilities. Good luck and take care, your so fortunate to have caught it so early. Many aren't that lucky.


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Hi Chuck and welcome. After my initial diagnosis, surgery (pneumonectomy) was the goal. Four months of chemo,radiation and a mediastinoscopy later, I was told that I was not a candidate for surgery. That was very disappointing to me because I wanted the lung and the cancer OUT. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that I have to keep it.

Whatever decision you make, I hope all goes well. You're in my prayers.


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I was staged at 1A, had my upper left lobe removed in April. They used VATS (Video assisted) so my recovery was quick. I feel great and actually felt almost back to normal within 2 months. I would definitely recommend surgery if you can. My doctor did not recommend chemo, he thought it would do more harm than good in my case. I would go for a second opinion and weigh your options.

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In every article I've read and every ounce of research I've done has stated that the best chance a lung cancer patient has of being cured of the cancer and reducing the odds of reoccurance is to have surgery.

Chemo and radiation may be effective, but it is a guessing game since it reacts differently for each and every person. If it were me, I would hate to pass up the opportunity for surgery to find out later that the chemo and radiation was effective for me specifically, and then find it progressed and I was no longer considered curable.

I realize surgery would be very difficult, but it gives the greatest odds for success. I wish with all my heart, and I would give anything, that surgery was an option for my husband.

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hi Chuck,

You have quite alot going for you. Early stage!!! Time is on your side. You have the luxury to decide and feel comfortable with your decision.

Wish I coulda had my lung out (sounds kinda funny, huh?)

All literature points to removing early tumor. Surgery is mostly very safe. You will be sore. Oh well.

You may want to explore chemo after. Seldom is radiation indicated for your stage post surgery.

Good luck in your research. Do lots of it. Wonderful info available on the web. Most of it is true. Read read read and talk.

Good job!

Cindi o'h

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my mom did the surgery (lobectomy in 2000, pneumonectomy 2005) and never had chemo or rad so I can't help substantively. you will get tons of info and support here, and you're smart to investigate alternatives. on the whole, we were told, surgery is the realest shot at a cure if you can manage it.

keep us posted!


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