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Keith and I were approved for a free flight through a program called Angel Flights, when we went to New Orleans.


One of their numbers is 1-888-4-AN-ANGEL (1-888-426-2643)-west coast or (918-749-899) for departures in the hearland.

Really wasn't much to it, just had to call and explain where we were going, and when we needed to be there and for what purpose. Their only requirements were that the patient be ambilitory, and able to sit through the flight, that they be given at least 5 days advance notice, and they require a physicians release letter stating the patient is able to travel safely. Patients must be accompanied by a companion and luggage can't weigh more than 50Lbs. Oxygen tanks are allowed. I thought they would make us jump through hoops and have to have 10 different proofs of medical condition and financial hardship and charitable worth, but they really didn't ask for any of that. We just told them our situation and they believed us and tried to accomodate us.

It is a wonderful program where corporate pilots donate their time, planes, fuel etc to transport medical patients for free.

There is one drawback that we found though. For our trip, since we were going such a long distance, the pilots are restricted as to the total distance they can fly in their smaller corporate aircraft. So, instead of being one direct flight from Wisconsin to Louisiana, it was broken into 3 jumps. It makes the trip a little longer and there is the awkwardness of changing planes, but you can't beat it for the price.

I do know also, that most major airlines have a medical hardship plan where if you call them and can provide proof of medical treatment as being the reason for travel, they offer a discount on their standard airfare. It's not free but it is cheaper than regular rates.

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Thank you all for helping me out on this!!!

I called the Angel Network. They are trying their best to help.

They did say a back-up plan would be needed so the additional help regarding the medical hardship at major airlines was a big help too.


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