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Favorite Old shows--OT


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We could probably have some fun with this. I got the idea from Remember When. Some people mentioned old shows.

What was some of your favorite shows that have since bit the dust. And if you had a crush on any of the actors?

I loved Leave it to Beaver and had a crush on Wally.

I also like My Three Sons, Dr. Kildare (Richard Chamberline was hot

The Brady Bunch- had a crush on Greg.

My mom was a big Lawrence Welk fan and watch the reruns up until she passed.

I like Lassie over Rin Tin Tin.

So much more but I want to give people a chance to do yours.


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Here are some people probably will not mention.

Have Gun will Travel. ( remember the song real well) :roll:

The Long Ranger

Cisco the Kid

GE theatre (Ronald Reagan0

Ed Sullivan Show

Our Miss Brooks (really going back there)

All in the Family,

Married with Children


Twlight Zone

LA Law

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (HBO)

Johnny Carson


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LOVED watching "Gunsmoke" with my Grandma. We were also big fans of "Petticoat Junction". Anyone remember the theme song to that one? Also "Baa-Baa-Black Sheep" and "Hogan's Heroes".

But Dee, you'd better watch it! Davy Jones was all mine! I even sent him a fan letter w/ my school picture in it. :oops: "The Monkees" ruled!

:) Kelly

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