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Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Seems like everything is running together these days. I just don't seem to have all the stamina I need to get everything done.

I completed all my treatments and had a Contrasting CAT scan done on the 29th of December. Saw the Surgeon on the 9th of January and he said everything looks good. Not sure if he meant NED or something else. I think it's to early for them to tell anything because what was left was microscopic. I still hold out hope that it's gone.

I've developed the same cough as I had when this first started. The Surgeon put me on antibiotics but they didn't work so the medical ONC put me on steroids for Radiation Pneumonitis. I guess I'm just scared that it's starting all over again.

At least with the steroids I'm eating a lot more and gaining weight. Just wish my Chemo Brain would start functioning right again. Hard to remember some things and then I just space out sometimes.

Still get SOB when I over extend myself. Guess it takes a while to get where you can breath freely again. Doesn't help with the coughing all the time though.

Thanks for all the support during this. You've all been a godsend.

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The coughing could have alot to do with the radiation too.I finished radiation over a week ago and cough alot.even coughing up some blood but the radiologist says he dont feel its a problem,just from the radiation as it tears h--- out of the esophagus and its usually after treatments are finished.

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Sorry you're feeling so run down, but the news from the doc is great. I know it is hard not to worry about the cough, especially since that was your first symptom when this started. It is hard to go back to blindly believing it is just a normal non cancer related issue like an infection. But remember you have had some pretty tough treatment to your lungs, and they can't fight off those infections as quickly right now. Be patient, get plenty of rest, and keep up hope. I will pray that you are feeling tip top real soon.

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Hi: I hope your cough goes away soon. A persistent cough can really drain you. It must be especially irksome if it reminds you of how it all started. It will probably go away in a while. I had a cough for several months after surgery. My oncologist prescribed a codeine like substance to suppress the cough.

Don M

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