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The penduleum swings this way and that way


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Well, dad was improving a bit, if you remember his appetite had returned and he was on an upswing. Now the penduleum swings back the other way, his appetite is diminished again-and he is sooo pail. Went to the onc. for chemo yesterday(friday)-weekly treatment-and they couldn't give it to him. He is severely anemic, is actually in the hospital for the next 8 hours for a blood transfusion. He was put on iron pills last week, but I guess it just wasn't enough to help the anemia.

Also, he has been having severe pain in his left shoulder blade (the same side that he had the pleaurosis talc procedure done). It is excruciating. He can't sit up or stand without intense pain, and he is lying down ALOT. He said that he can tell this is a 'different' type of pain-not his usual bad back problems. He is scared and worried and sick and tired of being sick and tired. A bone scan is scheduled for Monday-the doctors mentioned that it could be a broken rib from the talc procedure thing-I wish theyd have done an x-ray right away-just for a clue. I want the bone scan, too, but an x-ray would be so much faster.

I feel like that line from the Godfather III, you know the one where Sonny is trying to get out of the mob- but the family dosn't let him. Its the same thing with the f*#$ing cancer ---just when I think Dad is improving-the cancer 'pulls him back in'. I feel like Daddy is a fish at the end of a fishing line-he pulls and pulls and starts to get some headway, and then the cancer starts to reel him back in...It sucks.

On a good note, Thursday was Moms last chemo treatment. So, thats good. I just want them to have one last trip, one last period of time-however brief-where they both feel generally ok (it dosnt' have to be great, but good would be nice) and can acutally enjoy life-even just for a little while.

In a few weeks my whole family is supposed to all go to my Uncles house (one of Dads brothers) in upstate new york for a family reunion-(we havn't seen my Dads side of the family in about 25 years-long story) but if things continue to be like this, Dad said there is no way he could make the trip. As it is, my parents cancelled the October trip to Disney that they were going to take with my husband and our two girls.

Can this post BE MORE DEPRESSING? :shock: Sorry guys. I feel like one of those cheesy novellas - :? lets see :? -all we need is a drout that destroys the crops :oops: , the bank threatening to forclose on our land :oops: ; maybe throw in an earthquake :oops: , oh-and lets not forget the burgermeister-meisterburger making it illegal for children to have toys :(:(:( .... :roll:

Ok, I'm getting too obnoxious, even for me. Just asking for a few prayers. I know I don't even have to ask. I guess I just needed to get it all out. I hope you all know that you are in my prayers; that I think of you all often.

Hopefully-very soon-the good news forum will get so filled up that it will have to be archived and a new string will have to be started!!!!!!!!!!

Take care, guys. And thank you for being here. It is such a comfort knowing you are all here. Thanks... Deb

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I am so sorry that things have gone the opposite way of where they need to be for you. I hope that they will change for the better again and that your dad will be feeling well enough to make the trip upstate. My dad was from Upstate NY and I know the mountains always brought me such a sense of serenity.

Will be thinking of you and your dad on Monday!


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As you already knew, prayers and thoughts are being sent to you and your family. I do remember your last long post where your Dad was just wanting to eat and eat. Now, you're in a downturn. As you said, it's a push-pull situation. Hopefully, you're next post will be that rollercoaster heading uphill!!! It sounds like it's about time for that again. You're dealing with all this and your mother's cancer too !!! You do deserve some time to "vent", believe me. Hard enuf dealing with one ill parent, believe me.

Anyhow, hope the upturn is just around the corner and that it will be possible to head upstate. Always loved upstate myself.

Take care and let us know how things are going.


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