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Pain...Pain....and More PAIN!


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Things aren't going so good - Dad came home from the hospital on Wednesday and is so miserable from excruciating pain! - wanting to do himself in........ may call hospice (don't know). WHY CAN'T THEY CONTROL THE PAIN??? I think that maybe Dad hasn't been clear enough about his level of pain (he is a very big guy - still weighs about 230 after 2 years being dx with stage iv LC). jane is calling the Doc now to talk to them about more meds - already on considerable morphine. The insurance case worker is working on getting info on hospice and at least getting a hospital bed brought into the house.

We are confused - the Docs have told him that the cancer mets in the bones don't kill you and he hasn't had any mets to organs -- a week ago they said he thinks he can get another of good couple of years with continued chemo. THEN WHY SO MUCH PAIN - the pain is killing him (at least his spirit!!!) The doc also told him that 30% of the pain was probably from the cancer and 70% from the blood clot.

I don't know what to do or say - feel so helpless. Jane said, maybe you can talk to your dad and convince him that he shouldn't shoot himself - but he keeps saying that you don't know my pain, my life is over! :cry: The case worker said maybe he needed to be readmitted to the hospital - he said no way!!If they can just get the pain under control then he can make a rationale decision, but we also have to respect his wishes, right? We don't want him to suffer.

Thanks for letting me vent and question - my sister and I talk everyday but we run out of answers and hope etc.

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There is a fentanyl patch for opioid resistant pain, that made a world of difference for me... I was taking Fenatanyl patch plus Vioxx, which you can't get now; ibuprofen does almost as well; neurontin for nerve pain. Also, from what Don Wood says, Lucie has gotten great relief from irradiation of the bone tumors.

There is no reason to be in that kind of pain at all!! I wouldn't rest another minute without getting the oncologist on the phone and making sure this issue was addressed immediately.

Pain will take the wind out of your sails, for sure, and unrelenting pain will definitely destroy your will to fight.

Good luck getting this under control.



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Try calling the doctor and ask about Advil Liqui-gels. There are people on here who have taken these and helped better than the prescription drugs. It did for me, my doctor said to not pay attn. to directions on the bottle. Told me to take 2 every 4 hours....

Ask your doctor 1st. Don't take until you have checked with him, especially since on blood thinners...

Hope this helps, good luck.


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My Mom takes Alleve in addition to oxycotin and says it helps. She says her pain mostly is from her back. Does your Dad think it is coming from his hip? Have they checked the hip for a fracture? I hope they can get his pain under control.


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Keep pushing the docs - there is no reason why the pain can't be controlled. Has he tried the fentanyl patches? Bone pain is the most severe pain - my mom also had no lung symtoms and only a tumor the size of a dime in her lung -- yet bone mets which were terrible and debilitating.

The morphine pump may be a solution for your dad - there is something about it bypassing the stomach that really helps people(it goes right in the blood stream) and it gives the patient the ability to get additional morphine as needed with a push of a button.

My mom also did well with steroids (dexamethsone) - I know they are somewhat controversial, but if inflammation of surrounding tissues is the real culprit causing pain, the dex is a God send.

Make it VERY CLEAR - that the pain is not acceptable. Also, I agree with Don -- radiation was very effective for my Mom in controlling pain from the major mets.

Keep us posted. Feel free to PM me...my mom's LC was 99% about the bones.


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Sending prayers to your dad for them to get his pain under control.

There is no reason now of days with all the pain medication that they cannot get his under control. There has to be something that could help him.

I am so sorry I wish I had an answer for you.

Please keep us posted on how he is doing.


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There is no reason for the pain - the doctor can provide relief, but trial and error is sometimes needed.

Maybe you can request a referral for pain management. For someone who is considered to be well for another few years, pain relief should be available without having him sleeping all day.

Good luck.


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Yes, get him the Fen. Patch, it will help. My husband had mets to the bone, and they are BAD. Bone mets are the worst pain there is! I feel for your dad, but please call the DR and get that patch. It will help, they will start him on a 25mg or 50mg patch, and as the pain progresses, they can up the dosage. Believe him when he says it hurts! :cry: I feel for you and your dad. Praying for him!

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