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Do I have to become immune?

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Mom did resume therapy on Friday and over the weekend. After her CT scan, they saw a shadow and ordered an MRI. It read "no acute findings" so I guess they determined there is no brain bleeding. I have a call into rehab today asking the following questions to the Dr.:

They have now increased her Decadron from 8mg 2 per day to 20 mg per day. The nurse mentioned brain swelling. My question, is in comparison to what? How do they know her brain is swelling-in comparison to what? They did not have access to any prior scans over the weekend.

The nurse informed us last night that she is on 1200cc fluid restriction per day now per her labwork, but could not tell us what test was abnormal.

The house Dr. has increased her Lovenox to more than she has ever taken. She apparently had a hard time with the nurses getting off of her bedside commode and it resulted in her arm bleeding. Her arm is now black on the entire forearm, it made me cry when I saw her. Maybe too much Lovenox. Maybe they are being too rough. She keeps saying they are, but she is so hard to move and has alot of pain, so I am not sure..

Today, I am going to go back to the nursing home/short term rehab place to ask some more questions. SF and I presented the option to mom on Friday and she was Ok with it, but we did not even present the option of coming to live at my house bc we could all work our schedules so that there are 2 or more poeple there at all times. I called Sf today to ask if he wanted to go with me the the short-term rehab place and asked for his blessing of presenting the "come live with me" option and he was less than supportive.

I will update you later. Love, me

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I would ask the doc. why so much Decadron. Isn't that the steroid that makes people act out?? Not sure but I think it is.

Thinking of you kiddo and just want you to know you are doing everything right.

Keep us posted.

Maryanne :wink:

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