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Spoke with the NCI/NIH 2-3-06

Fay A.

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They didn't "slam the door" on me. You guys have to understand that what I'm proposing is a long shot.

But they didn't tell me "No" outright. They emailed me a list of information/films/discs/labs I need to send to them, which I will do first thing on Monday morning.

There has to be a first time for everything. With every medical advance that takes place someone has to walk "point". I can do this. And if nothing else maybe whatever we try will add to the base of knowledge that leads to easily performed and safe treatments for late stage Lung Cancer.

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Wow, Fay!!!! So hoping you can at least see them. To whom did you speak, if you don't mind. My surgeon said 'never' is a word they really don't use there. Soooo.....my hhopes will remain high, my prayers ~ fervent, and as always...many good thoughts for you, dear friend.

I can hear the chant beginning.....quietly at first ~ then louder and louder.....Fay....Fay....Fay....Fay....Fay....Fay



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Fay, I am so happy for you, I will do Bet's happy dance!

This man is the best surgeon on several continents, I believe that. I also believe God works through his hands.

He doesn't say no, He said to me, and Kasey, I believe I can do it.

And he did it.

And here we are.

Good luck, Fay; I believe if his bosses (eg Congress and other people that cut NIH budget to fund OTHER THINGS) will underwrite this, he will do it. If it can be done, this is the surgeon to ask.

Prayers for you, Fay, and for the people out here making decisions about what the budget will allow... I can't see him turning you down...

WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!! as leslie used to like to say.

I'm running on....

I'll stop now...


Love ya, Fay.


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