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Getting to know you February 4


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Money, money, money,

I would pay off my charge cards, pronto..then actually put some away in a savings account in case something breaks down :shock: Also would finish replacing our old windows.. Started that 8 years ago, did most of the downstairs, need the upstairs done.

So far I have a dishwasher that broke, never replaced and a frig that is 28 years old! :shock:

Maryanne :wink:

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I think I asked this question for a reason. It is something I am trying to decide right now. As you know I am thinking about moving. I made a list of pros and cons but they keep coming out pretty even so it comes down to time or money.

If I stay here I can earn more to do a few things that need to be done. Some for myself and some for my home. If I move I would have to make less money to get my rent affordable. When I add up expenses I come out about $100 or a little more a month more. The catch is I would have to work several hours a week more to get it and I would still spend at least 6 to 8 hours a week driving.

I love where I live but know that some of the changes that are comming will be hard for me to live with. I would also have to make repairs on something that doesn't belong to me. I would still have my yard and flowers that I love to work in but less time to do it and I would be out here so far from town that I can't go to some things like concerts and plays or bingo that I would love to do.

The apartment would allow me to earn less but I would work a lot less and have most of the time I spend driving in additon. I would not be responsible for repairs. I would not only be close to my work but close enough to do some of the things I've always wanted to do. The down side is I would lose my yard and my flowers. The apartment has a small patio so I could have a few plants in pots but that is all.

There was a question about makeing quick decisions here. I tend to make a decision in a split second then start thinking about it and question my decision and put off following through.

If you were in my place what do you think you would do? I am really needing some advice here.

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What do you think would make YOU the most happy at this pont in your life? As I read your words, it seemed to me that you were leaning more one way. Now I am not going to say which way I THINK it seems. Just read what you wrote and then say....what's goiing to make me happy right now?

Hoping you can come to a decision. BTW....nice pic of son and granddaughter :lol: .


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If you were in my place what do you think you would do?

Dear lilyjohn, from your words, it sounds as though the apartment is really tempting you. You said if you were to move, you would work a lot less and have more time but you would miss your yard and garden and with less money coming in, even though expenses will be down, perhaps you wouldn't have additional money for the extras that you would like for yourself and others. What would I do? (and keep in mind, it's much easier to make decisions for someone else :lol: ) I would seriously consider the apartment and see about maybe working a few hours per week or on the weekends for a garden center or landscape company or maybe even for yourself as a freelance gardener!! This scenario would get you closer to town and activities, let you keep your hands in the dirt :) and give you more time and more money too!!

I sincerely wish you the best in whatever you decide.


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I have always been told that the more money you have the more you spend.

I would definately say more time. Always too many things to do and not enough time to get them done. I am anxiously awaiting a bored moment.



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would Love to have more TIME with my Late wife. Never had enough money to fight about and loved it that way. Enough to get by with. Missing Deb a lot today!!!!!

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Time. Not that I'm rich, by any means, but the time spent with my family will be remembered far after all the money is spent.

Lillian, can Misty go with you to the apartment? Potted plants are easier to care for, the neighborhood cats won't go potty in 'em! You could put pots on the balcony and then hang some over the railing - there are pot holders that do that. You could use an old bookcase and shelve some of those plants, too...

I know you hate driving home currently and are held prisoner on one side of the road or the other by nightfall.

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You are right when you say I am leaning. I really am leaning toward the apartment. This drive is really getting to me. Like today I got off at 9 this morning. Have to be back in town for another job by 4. Two hours of my time is taken up driving back and forth. I'm just plain tired. It is time for me to have time for me. So when the manager gets back tomorrow I'll have a better idea as to if it is doable.

As for the gardening my sister in law bought a place about 20 miles from where I would be. She has 3 acres and plans a big garden and a small orchard. I could get my outside feel good work there and do it when up to it. Truthfully I just have too much yard now to keep up and the athritis in my shoulders and neck will only take so much.

I'll let you know how it looks when I get home again. When I leave here in a few hours I won't be home again untill Wednesday night. I logged 118 and a half hours by the time I finish tonight. Good money for my deposits I will need but I am so looking forward to being home every night. So please wish me luck and say a small prayer that it works out for me. I just have to quit worrying about it and let what will be be :!:

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