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Profitable "Poop Parade!"


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First a little history: My husband David was a very tall, rather shy“, teddy bear” of a man who, although he sometimes scared people with his serious expression, had a dry, and sometimes irreverent sense of humor.

Dave adored our little dog “Hobie”(pictured in my first avatar); but, he didn’t adore the chore that, as we all know, comes with a dog, which he called “The Poop Parade”. He would have us all laughing as he jokingly muttered, complained and came out with the funniest comments, while doing this job that no-one else wanted.

Now, about the ring: On the morning my husband passed away in the hospital, the nurse gave me his wedding band and I immediately put it on my right hand finger. During the next two days it was a great comfort to me. If I became, desperate or panicky, I would twist the ring around and around and think of David. On the second night however, when preparing for bed, I felt for the ring and found it missing. Tearfully I searched and searched to no avail. Late that night, completely exaughsted, I prepared go to bed without it, when suddenly, there it was immediately in my path by the side of the bed, although I had looked there many times.

The ring had been on my finger until, just before Christmas when I again realized it was missing. My daughter “Karen” and I had been shopping at the local mall. I remembered trying on gloves in one store and was convinced that I had lost it there, however we had been to so many stores and it could have fallen off almost anywhere. We did all the things you are supposed to do in a case like this but nothing was ever found and I eventually gave up the idea of ever getting it back. I convinced myself not to fret about it as, “it was only a symbol” and I still had all my memories.

Early this morning however, in my robe and winter coat and armed with a plastic bag, I followed my dog out into the yard, to attend to the proverbial “Poop parade”.As I turned to walk into the house I saw something that I thought I had missed. I turned back to pick it up, and a few inches beyond it, almost hidden in the grass, lay a broad gold band! I just couldn’t believe it, but there it was with our engraved initials and the date of our marraige inside to prove it. I phoned Karen to tell her the good news and she thought it sooo appropriate that I should find her Dad’s ring while on the dreaded poop parade! I really don’t know what to think , except that I am so grateful to have the ring back, however I do wonder if “someone” is playing games with me!

Fond wishes to you all,


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Paddy, how wonderful. I wore Earl's wedding and signet rings on a chain around my neck for over 6 months. Gave me a lot of comfort. I stopped wearing them when I felt that maybe I was forcing others to acknowledge my grief.

But they are right there on my bureau and I do find them still a great comfort.

Hope you are doing well. I keep thinking about a dog but have a bunch of trips scheduled this year and often have places to go after work without coming home, not fair for a doggie. Maybe in a few years.

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Oh Paddy...what a cute story. I am so glad that you found your ring. I know how scary it can be when you think you have lost something of that imporatance. You know, I can just imagine the smile on David's face when he saw you pick up that ring! I do believe these guys have a lot of fun playing with our minds. Tinkering with clocks seems to be the thing that Dennis is occupying his time with. I have clocks,and watches, that stop for no apparnet reason and then begin running again. It doesn;t matter whether the clocks are electric or battery operated. Dennis used to use the phrase "never enough time" almost every single day.

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Your story made me smile and think of something that Geoff experienced.

Geoff and I are celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary tomorrow.

The day of our wedding was roughly four months after his mom died--it was a wonderful but bittersweet event, as all of you can all too readily understand.

Geoff had been a tad late (actually, so much so that his friends were forced to hurriedly shove him into his tuxedo in the hallway outside the room where I was getting dressed). During the reception I learned why.

He had been on schedule, and was gathering all the items he needed to take to the club where we were getting married. He was rooting around for the studs and cufflinks for his tuxedo, but was seemingly unable to find them. They weren't where he usually kept them. Then he noticed a funny little flowered box on the bureau where he keeps his belongings. He opened it--and found them on top of a note, written in his mom's handwriting that read: "The Holy Spirit is the gift you receive when you turn your will over to God."

He sat down and cried. His mom was an extremely devout Christian. In his mind, at the time, this was his mom's way of speaking to him on his wedding day.

Needless to say, the box is still on his bureau--and his studs and cufflinks for his tuxedo have a new, permanent home on top of the note.

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