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What does Bone Scan w/imaging mean?


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Mom got her bone scan with imaging results. My sister took my mom to her appointment and said the orthopedic surgeon came in and told her it was not good, not good at all. He compared it to 3 other bone scans and as he said, "The horse is out of the barn." He showed the scans and pointed out the dark uptake areas. My mom had to bring these scans home to take to the radiologist on Monday. My sister showed them to me and it was really quite shocking. The difference, even from August until now, went from ankles to the back of her head. The hips and knees and right shoulder showed significant activity.

Do any of you have any experience with bone scans like this?

My mom is going on Monday (for 2 hours) to get marked on her hips, spine, and tailbone and is then going to have 15 treatments on these areas. I wish I could post this on ask the expert but since there aren't any volunteers. I guess I'm just hoping someone will respond to this who had a similiar scan and then stopped the cancer again.

Thanks for listening,


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Trish -

Once the cancer goes to that many places in the bones, you have to start chasing it with radiation to beat the pain -- which it appears you are doing. Unfortunately, with my mom, we were never able to get ahead of it with radiation and chemo. If your mom can take both chemo and radiation at the same time, that would be the most aggressive treatment -- our onc did not think my mom could do that, so we had to start and stop. For my mom, the cancer made significant movement in a couple of months as well.

This is a terrible disease. Praying that your mom has some good results.


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