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Embryo pass take---2/19 update NOT pregnant


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Hi. I am going to be gone for a bit. I will check the boards quickly when I can and I will try to read e-mails.

I am scheduled Mon for the surgical egg retreival for IVF. If that goes well, I have the embryo transfer on Thurs and a full week of strict bed rest,hence limited computer time. Last time I cheated with my laptop, this time I won't b/c I am only doing this in-vitro one more time after this and I need to be super strict :)

Also we are starting a 40 day trial at work on Monday that i was just assigned to second chair since someone just gave two weeks notice. The whole in-vitro will make it hard, but se la vi, they know I have to do what I have to do :) If the case doesn't settle on the "eve of trial", I will be working a lot and possibly in Court without computer access during the day.

Meanwhile, my mom sees the oncologist on Monday. And my dad is going for a heart test on Monday. Never dull moments :)

Stay well everyone!

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Good grief Andrea, way too much going on. How do you do all this? Must be because you are young!. I want to wish you good luck with your procedure and I will also be thinking and praying for good results for your Mom and Dad also. Take care.

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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Wishing you luck with the INV. Have friends who froze 6 eggs. This INV can be dangerous. Lot's of Hormones. The 1st 3 eggs were implanted, two took and babies did not make it. They were only 26wk term.

The good news is the next 3 took and the babies are now 8 months old and beautiful. A boy and a girl...

Prayers for you, mom and dad.



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Thanks for all the well wishes!

My egg retreival yest went well, 12 were retreived. Now they are "cooking" and hopefully I will hear later today that they fertilized ok.

Thurs they transfer embryos (like 4) into the uterus, and I am on bed rest for 1 week to help make them stick. It is not proven statistically that bed rest makes a difference, but that is my doc's protocol :)

As for the trial, it settled. Yay!!!! Becky--we could have used a paralegal and anyone else really. It is just one of those things where I was kind of familiar with the case and it was an octopus, 40 day trial estimate. I don't actually "speak" in Court anyway, I am more of a gopher helping in the background, finding the documents the lead atty needs, etc :)

Still waiting for my dad's scan results and my mom's blood results. Her onc visit was fine though yest.

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YEAH! YEAH!! WOOOOOHOOOO, good news always makes me smile... :)

Glad the trial settled early. Now, get some bed rest as ordered by the doctor. We want a boy AND a girl. 8) Not asking for much, just saving time....

Please keep us posted on mom and dad too. Glad mom's onc. appt. went good...


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