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Don't give up Hope


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When my dad was first diagnosed with limited stage sclc, we wanted a second opinion regarding his treatment options. My brother-in-law's distant relative happened to be Dr. Morris Pollard, a prominent cancer researcher in Indiana. He's the father of Jonathan Pollard, who is serving a life sentence for spying on U.S. for Israel.

After reviewing my dad's CT results and pathology reports (via fax), he gave us a message by phone through my brother-in-law, stating "don't bother treating him, he's going to die anyway. I wouldn't put him through chemo and radiation, it'll be more painful. He'll be gone in a few months anyway, and without pain if you leave him alone".

My father was 60 at the time, and decided not to listen to this advice. He had the whole course of treatment, and my dad went on living a full life for another 3 years! We had 3 wonderful years together, that we'll never forget. There was incredible bonding between me and my dad in those cancer free years. My mom was a happy woman to have him for so long, and she's so thankful we didn't listen to the 2nd opinion.

Because of this, I beg you all not to lose your Hope. No matter how long, how good, how bad, you have to fight for yourselves and your families. Just because someone is "famous", it doesn't mean they're a good person. I will never forgive this man, I don't care what he does and how important he is to humanity. He forgot the most important thing: that there is a God, and with God all things are possible.

Keep on fighting. We will beat this. With God's help. And a few good doctors.

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I am so glad you didn't listen. Also, happy to know that your family had the three years. In the scheme of things, famous or not, we are all on a level playing field. You were so right to continue seek opinions on prognosis and treatment. I think I have 4 opinions at last count. Because of this, hope prevails.



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I am glad your dad made the right decision and you had those 3 special years with him. If my circumstances became dire, I would opt for survival as your dad did. Perhaps most of us have predictable everyday lives, but I believe that each day holds promise for novelty and magic and I want as many as I can get. I want to grab the brass ring.

Don M

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