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Mom diagnosed on 01/01/06


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Hi, I am kinda new to this site. I have been nosen around for a couple of weeks, reading and gaining alot of knowledge and strength from all of you!!! My mom was diagnosed on Jan. 1st with Stage IIIB and SVCS.They are 80% sure it is NSCLC, because they already started radiation when the bioposy was taken. I will write her story on the MY Story page. I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself because I plan to spend a lot of time on this board. We do believe we are going to win this battle and mom has the same attitude. She just turned 64 last week and is doing extremely well with radiation and chemo. No sickness at all, just a little tiredness. I am looking forward to chatting with all of you.


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Welcome Miss Connie22,

I sure hope you can gain info and courage here. It sounds as if you and your Mom are entering into this fight with your swords drawn ~ ready to do battle. That is good ~ we are all lined up behind you. I will look for the bio of your Mom. You don't really need to write a whole stroy right now. Just check under our names and see how we have listed our info. That is called a Profile. I am not up on everything and want to know what CVSC is. See....you're helping me already :) !


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Hi Connie,

A big welcome to you. It really excites me when a person comes out of the shadows and joins us. So now we can give you support and answer questions you may have.

I am so sorry you even had to find this site, but if you have been reading you know what a great supportive group we are.

I am glad that they have a plan for you mom and that she definetely has the right "Addietude". I know how scarey it is when you first hear that diagnosis. Please do not feel LC is a death sentence. There are so many people on here who are staged IIIB and IV who are doing just fine.

Keep us informed on her progress.


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