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Update on Mike Monday 2-6


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Ok-- how about this? How about asking for a referral to an infectious disease doctor? As a person that has almost died twice now from infections, I know that difficult infections require a specialist--just like cancer requires a specialist. The infection is just as big a threat to his health as the cancer and it needs to be kicked so you can see where you really stand. I feel for you-- I really do. If the infection is standing in the way of his cancer treatment-- it takes top priority right now. The fact that you have a long term relationship with your doctor should help. Hang in there--I know its frustrating--and keep us posted.

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I agree about the infection. It's all driving me crazy. The problem is that they have been trying to get a sputum culture all week at the hospital. Once they can get it cultured, they will know for sure what they are dealing with. This doctor has been known to call in the infectious disease team before. If they can get a culture result and if it's something that the pulmonologist doesn't know how to deal with , he will call in the infectuos team. Anyhow... it's maddening because he's not coughing this stuff up.. :(... His case is so complicated with the damn stent in place and irritating the trachea, but the stent has to be there or he couldn't breathe. Thank you for your input.


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My Dear Friend

I was so afraid that something was wrong. I drove by Friday and the car was gone. I was hoping you had gone shopping. Now, I feel I should have called or came by again. It seems as if everyone I talk too has this bad cold ( I'm wearing my surgical mask and keeping a 10 ft. distance). When I felt like I could be getting it, I started taking the drink Zicam and honestly it seemed to help. I have been keeping you and Mike and the boys in my prayers, hoping that this cold season would pass you all by. With all my heart, Sue, If I can do anything, be of any kind of help, please don't hesitate to call. I love you guys.

keeping you all in my prayers,


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I just want to thank all of you for your love and support. When we are really down and all of our friends here come to our side, it is such a real comfort. There just aren't words to tell you what it means to me and to my 3Dfriend, Pam... uh oh.... I didn't want to worry you with this. You have enough of your own to deal with and you need to stay far away from anyone that is ill.

Things are about the same today. For now , it's one day at a time. Love and Prayers to all.



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Many prayers from Alan and I are coming your way.

Alan too battled infections and has an infectous disease specialist. Alan has been on antibiotics since last march and continues them today. I hope they can figure out which drugs will work best to knock out the infection.

Again prayers and hugs coming your way.

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