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Moms 1st wk rad/chemo


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Mom had her first week of rad/chemo this week and sounded very good over the phone. While talking to her, she told me she is going to fight hard and she is not going to stop doing things.

What scares me the most, she was able to have surgery when she had breast cancer 2wice, this time surgery is definitely ruled out because her lungs are not healthy at all and if they did they surgery, she would be on oxygen for the rest of her life. She is a Fighter and I am praying she wins this battle!


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Hi TeriPA,

YOur mom has been through a lot. No one person should not have to go through all of that in a lifetime but, there is no pick and choose to this game of cancer.....

I take it she does not live near you and I hope she has someone with her because radiation and chemo are sometimes very trying on the body until the treatments are over....then about 3 weeks later, one finds themself to start to feel much much better.

I will keep your mom in my prayers. God Bless

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Thanks for all of you kind support. My mom is going to have a surgery to have a Port put in on Wed. morning around 10 am. She sounded so tired last night when I spoke with her, wish I were down there right now to be with her.


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