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Lower Mid Michigan


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Hi! I'm Kathleen, 28 from Clio MI. My Father was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer last August and my mom was diagnosed with the other kind in March of this year. On top of that my 3 year old nephew was diagnosed with leukemia last December.

I am struggling with this. My Dads cancer has spread and at his last appointment the doctor gave him less then 6 months to live. That was in Feburary. I found out today he is starting to have liver failure. I'm just watching him die. I contacted the Cancer Society about a support group but the only one near me is in Flint and only meets on Thursday afternoons but I always have to work. I can't afford to go talk to someone so I hope I can find help on here. My friends just don't understand and if I hear "your Dad will be fine" one more time I just might go crazy.

Thanks for listening!


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