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Hi friends,

Well tomorrow is the CT scan to determine if the clinical trial is working. If I could ask for a special prayer for my Bill that finally something is having an effect - this is the third attempt with no success yet. If the scan shows this treatment is working I will take him back to IU Med Ctr. for round #3 this Friday for an overnight hospital stay.

The last round of chemo did him in for nearly 2 weeks. For 9 days he ate no solid food - just Ensure. Now thankfully he is starting to eat again - just a little - solid nutritional food.

I start back teaching this week and Bill's mother from Florida is coming on Tuesday to stay with us and help out. Bless her heart - she is nearly 80 with a heart condition but seems to have it under control. She insisted on coming and Bill seems glad she is going to be here.

Thanks so much for all of you on this board. There have been so many tough times for all of us lately............things just have to improve.

Blessings to you all,


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I am so happy Bill's mom is coming to stay for awhile. There really is nobody like Mommmmmmm. We are wives but we are not mommmmmmmsto our boys. I know you will feel so much better in going back to work for I know how hard it would have been if this lovely woman wasn't coming.

I will say a rosery for Bill tonight that his body starts excepting the chemo and puts an end to the dreadful cancer. Hopefully he will be able to stay in the trial....I sure pray that he does.....

I hope school doesn't start till the end of the week so that you will be there for support for mom for she will need it for a few days to.....God bless all of you Peg.....

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