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Mysterious Ways


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I would have to say that one of my "what if"s involves my 11 y/o son. If the worst happens and I don't make it to graduation, I want him to have good memories of the time we had...

Last night, we went to the county fair - my husband, his son and son's girlfriend, my boy and me. The draw? Figure 8 and Demolition Derby. The Figure 8 was at 3:00 in the afternoon and had more excitement than previous years - one of the cars in the final race (6 laps into 25) ran over a bumper that punctured his gas tank. A fire started and was soon too big for the four officials to handle with 20-lb fire extinguishers...the other cars were backed away from the now fully engulfed vehicle. Our wonder? Where the heck was the FIRE TRUCK??

We watched the car burn, big billowing column of black smoke going over the grandstand and the tire closest to the car (the middle of one of the "8" sections) caught on fire and started smoking, as well.

The gas continued to burn, it had spread out on the cement under the car and had flames dancing a hot little tango... STILL no fire truck. As the fuel was almost used up, the flames started to die down... Enter the fire truck. They extinguished the remaining flames and the burning tire... The car was removed, the race went on..

At 7:30, we enjoyed the demolition derby. The final heat was down five cars because they were too badly smashed to run in the finals... Two cars were left to battle it out as the others just died on the battle field. I have no clue how they continued to move since they were "folded" into subcompact size and had begun as full-size vehicles. The trunks? Firmly smushed into the back seats...the hoods? Formed a grimace over the front tires, a kind of sneer... These are all older cars, rear-wheel drive and the abuse they took and kept running! Sure was amazing, considering all the "new" cars seen on the road side when heading on a road trip...

After the show, we walked the midway....last night of the fair, last two hours it was open. Now, if anyone has been to a county fair, they would know that the "carnies" sometimes get a little vulgar and the games are pretty hard to win...

My son wanted to "win a prize for you, Mom" so I financed a few of the games. He felt he could win the basketball toss (this consists of an oblong hoop that LOOKS like a regular rim - ball clearance is about an inch and to make it in, it has to be "nothing but net") so we stopped at one of the booths with the basketballs... At the first hoop, I told him I'd pay for one toss ($2) and that it was harder than he thought. He missed.

We walked a little more and came to another booth with a basketball setup. I gave him $2 to try again...the guy running the booth told him he'd give him THREE tosses for what he paid, just not to tell "The Boss". My boy came close, bouncing off the rim a couple of times. He had the look of "just one more and I could have made it" so I gave him another $2. The guy running the booth told him to toss until his arms turned to putty! (This is NOT a normal experience for me....always "donate" at carnival games...)

So, my determined young son starts throwing the ball... Instead of the sarcastic remarks that are normally heard "You throw like a girl", etc., this guy said things like "I'm getting my whistle ready..." "Getting closer, concentrate on where you're throwing...".

Well, his arms HAD turned to putty, but he kept going...and he MADE IT!!(I was thinking "Hmmmmm, this is where the guy says it only counts on the paid for tosses"....) The guy from the booth blew his whistle really loud and yells out that "This young man just won HIS CHOICE...ANOTHER WINNER!"

My little guy won a stuffed animal that is bigger than him! He was SO PROUD of himself, "I won it for you, Mom!"

My point? Sometimes angels are disguised, but they're always out there. I'm sure that my boy will never forget the experience (and that those darn games are harder than they look!) I think it was the best time I have EVER had at the fair, what a rush!

Take care out there!

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Snowflake, your post brought tears to my eyes.

Its amazing that someone can be so nice, and know just what to say and do-to make a night magical. A random act of kindness from a complete stranger-to a determined young boy, that wanted to win a prize for his mom.

Things like that make the most wonderful memories. It reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite movies: "AND SO GOES A GOOD DEED IN A WEARY WORLD" (willly wonka and the chocolate factory)- when Charlie gives Wonka back his everlasting gobstopper-just because it is the right thing to do. That carnie guy knows what is important-he sees the big picture. And now you and your son have a wonderful memory, thanks to an angel disguised as a carnie worker.

Sometimes we fail to recognize the most important things in life...and I wish for you and your son many more beautiful memories like this one. Take care, Deb

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Snowflake, thanks for sharing that story. Yes, there are many angels all around us, if we pay attention. Lucie and I frequent an establishment for lunch. One day, when I was alone, a lady approached and asked me about my wife. It turned out her husband died of lung cancer two years ago. She has since visited with my wife and me when she is there at the same time, and she made my wife the most beautiful book mark. Here is a stranger, bearing a gift and love. Angels everywhere! Don

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Thanks everyone, we all need these kind of posts to lift us up. There sure are angels all over..my daughter-in-law's maiden name is Angel and she sure is one. she gave me three of the greatest grandchildren...I was going for five or six but I had better not press my luck......

I hope that everyone of us goes to bed tonight and has happy dreams.......Angels jumping over the fences........God Bless all of you tonight.....

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