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Home from my mom's

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Hello everyone,

A short update on my mom...she wasn't anemic as we thought but has pneumonia and and was in the hospital for a few days. She's home now but very weak and not doing very well. I stayed with her for two weeks but needed to get home to take care of a few things but will return shortly.

They did a CT scan while she was in the hospital and her chest lymph nodes are enlarged *again* but the doc says it *may be* because of the pneumonia. It's a wait and see game at this point. She's lost a lot of weight and we need to get her stronger. She has Home Health coming in twice a week and has 02 and my brother is staying with her...24-7.

I have not had time to catch up on the board but all of you have been in my prayers.

I hate this disease and what it does to the people that we love..it's so unfair.


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You were certainly missed here. We worry, ya know? Hope the pneumonia can get knocked out and Mom can start feeling a bit stronger. That will do a world of good for her.

Not sure where you are and Mom, but be sure you are taking care of you and your affairs right now. It can become a fine line to walk. We are here for you and hope to hear a positive update real soon.


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Thank you so much for the prayers, love and just everything! You are all so very suppportive and it certainly helps me deal with things.

This is a long rant...feel free to skip, LOL.

I a frustrated for so many reasons...my mom saw her primary care doc one week before being admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. She went to see her because of extreme fatigue and *all* she did was order a CBC (complete blood count) and listen to her lungs...her impression: you look tired and have lost weight. HELLO....WHY did she not order a chest x ray?????? She just sent her home and said to eat well, and rest! (The ER doc showed me the chest x ray in the ER and I find it hard to believe the pneumonia wasn't there the week prior!) I feel as if she had been admitted from the doc's office then the treatment would of begun sooner...we lost an entire week and she got weaker and weaker!

When I arrived, I immediately called her Radiation Oncologist (he and I email back and forth...he actually cares) and he was the one that suggested we take her to the ER. He does not admit but kindly came to the ER waiting room, took one look at her and walked back and spoke to the ER doc. There will be a special place in heaven for this wonderful, caring physician.

My mom has Kaiser and it's frustrating because the ER doc does not do the admitting...he sees her, then calls in a *hospitalist* and if he/she feels the admit is justified..then and only then is someone admitted. Did I mention than we were in the ER for 13 freakin' hrs before she was admitted! (even with the rad/onc talking to the ER doc!

She has been home from hospital for two weeks and is not any better. She is actually *more* short of breath than before she went in?????? Home Health keeps saying...she needs to drink the ensure, build up her strength but how the heck long does it take anyway! Obviously, we are terrified that on top of the pneumonia the cancer has gone crazy...

I am going to stay calm, and remember all of this is in God's hands and just keep loving and caring for her.

I am sorry this is so long.

My prayers to all


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