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Hope you have not forgot me


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Hello to all,

I have not posted here in awhile but I have kepted up with everyone. I would log on and read every other day and some of the ones I had orginally met and talked with had gone to be with the Lord. I don't know why but I felt like why should I bother anyone with my complaining when everyone seemed to be

grieving. It has bothered me very much to have lost so many so close together. I am so sorry for each loss. I was actually dx with sclc 1/31/05 and had chemo and radiation and pci. My last treatment was 6/30/05. But I was actually just starting to feel a little better. I had my 3 month scan yesterday and my mediastinal lymph was enlarged. I am scheduled for a pet scan Thursday. This lymph node was involved from the beginning. So I was dx with sclc limited. I am 51 years old and have been a smoker forat least 35 years. I have fought for a year and as you all know it is a tuff fight. I went from a size 12 to a size 4. I think the pci treatment was harder on me than chemo. Like I said my last treatment was 6/30/05 and the next 6 months I had no appetite and just all kinds of aches and pains. I have my appetite back now Praise the Lord but am still not gaining any wt. I am scared and I wanted to see if anyone else had this happen and if so what treatment was used. I have a 3 year old if you can remember, he is my grandson. He lost his mother, my daughter when he was 4 months old. I am really depressed and just can't seem to find any peace about any of this. I know I have to die like everyone else but for Zachary, I feel like I am losing it. Sorry this has been so long but maybe someone might be able to say something to help me. Thank you for listening.


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Hi Nancy. Yes, I do remember you and am very glad to hear from you again. Please don't ever worry about being a burden to anyone here on this board. We are here to support each other...in good times and bad. I, for one, want you to know that you can always talk to me. I don't have lots of answers but I am a fairly good listener. If you would like, please PM me anytime. Maybe you can become my "Buddy." I would really like that. In the meantime, please give that precious little Zack a big hug from me. I'll be remembering you in my prayers.

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My husband Alan also has small cell lung cancer which was also dignosed in Jan 05. He did not handle treatments well at all and his cancer eventually spread to his brain.

Now for the good news. He is still with us and doing very very well. He, like you lost so much weight. went from 218 down to 155 all by July. just now within the past couple of months he started putting some weight on. He is "up" to 166. I feed him whatever he wants. Lately it is doughnuts. the man literally lives on doughnuts. (I do make him eat other foods, but if he could it would be doughnuts 24/7) please just keep eating and the weight will slowly come on and stay on.

I noticed you receive and reply from Ann and she offered herself as a "buddy". Take it from me, Ann will be the BEST BUDDY you could ever ask for.

Please keep fighting, you have made it a year since diagnosis and that in itself is something to celebrate.

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Of course I remember you!

It is not uncommon to be in a schlump still a year or more later... the chemo really takes it out of you.

Counseling and antidepressants really help.

I was amazed when I started to feel really bad, about a year out. I was told that was a good sign, from what she could see, I had enough excess energy to go beyond existing to actually feeling...

Makes a crazy kind of sense.

Hang in there, you've got a little guy to keep you focused, but remember to be good to yourself. Finding an adult to talk with, like US is probably a very good idea.



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I don't konw you but that dosen't mean I can't chime in here .....please post again and tell us al how you are doing. i want to know how your scan comes out so i can cheer you on towards good health. Don't be a stranger. This is such a fine caring community.

Wishing you and Zach Much love and hope!


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Hi Nancy,

So glad you posted, now we could help you through this and send prayers for good results.

It must be so hard raising a toddler and having to go through all the treatments.

I hope you are not alone in this and you have people to help you get through this.

Please know that I am thinking of you and sending healing prayers your way.

So glad to hear from you I just wish your news was more positive. Lets pray to change that.


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Hi Mama 4! sure do remember you! Remember when justakid and I would talk to you in chat? Fay too.

I had been wondering about you, so it was good to see you post.

Glad you got through all the treatments.. Takes awhile, doesn't it?

Hang in there girl! You are not alone, and don't need to feel that way!

love, Cindi o'h

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So glad you reported back and i can tell you about a product the Cancer center here where i live recommended. If you love choclate Milk hot or Cold or Vanilla or Strawberry this is a excellent product. It is called Suplimed and if your allergic to lactose it has a inhibiter in it or you can just use water and best of all it taste great and 3 glasses a day will give you all your nutritional need's. I'll now give you there Web site so you can check it out if you like.....Larry


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Of course we remember you! I've kept you and little one in my prayers all along. Honestly, in my family we've had so much Lung Cancer, and several different types of it. Some of us gained weight and others lost. No real rhyme or reason to it. I started out at 115 pounds and ballooned up to 180 pounds. I'm down to the high 130s now. I think out bodies react differently. One thing I am certain of, that is to work at keeping a adequate nutrition, adequate hydration. Would your Physician help with a Dietician Consultation?

I am very glad to know that the sun still shines on your face.

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Hey Mama!

Just wanted to jump in and say "hi". I know what ya mean...when you have li'l ones (my youngest is 3, oldest is 27 :shock: ) counting on you, it changes everything.

Hang in there and CONGRATULATIONS on ONE YEAR (and counting :wink: ) OF SURVIVORSHIP!!!!

As for as weight issues...that Suplimed sounds like a great idea. Myself (and my FIL) use Ensure, Boost, etc. 2 or 3 times a day. They make a high-protein version, and a higher calorie "plus" version of both (I've used this off and on over the years whenever maintaining weight has been an issue - I work hard to stay at 105, unless pregnant :roll: ) And, of course, eating whatever/whenever you are hungry. Try hard to keep the stress down (Yes, I know how lame that sounds... :roll: )My weight will MELT off me, regardless of what I eat when I am stressing hard.

My prayers will continue to be with you...you are not forgotten. Hugs to you & Zach!

~ Dazy

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