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Getting worried again


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Hi Friends...sorry I haven't been on too much...lots of issues at home so just haven't had the time...

Here is my story for today and see what you guys think about it...I don't know if you recall but in Jan 04 I had been having pins and needle sensations all over my body...and ANA and ESR elevated looking like an autoimmune disease...well after many specialist's they couldn't find anything..(you know how that goes) and told me they would keep a check....Then my GP after looking at the blood work say's..."oh no..you are going for a CT/Scan immediately...so I did and then a Pet..and another CT and then LC was found....

After surgery...may a couple months later...the pins and needles let up a lot...not all the way but a lot....NOWWWW they came back with a vengence....

Went to my GP today...and he said he would run more blood tests and if he didn't get any answer's from the results he will order another PET scan just to "make sure'...He is not suspecting it is cancer related because I did not have small cell...that would have made a difference....don't know why but that is what he said...

He gave me a script for a Pet but said not to get an appointment yet until he see's what's going on with my blood work....Now I have had a Pet last March....do you think this is too soon....also a couple CT/scan's and chest exray's...the surgery took place 17 months ago...1A with no other involvements and no further treatments....I would appreciate if you can give me some input on this...It has me thinking again..grrrrrr. I hate this...

Thank you all and God Bless each and every one of you...'me to'


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Funny, Pam, but autoimmune diseases let up with chemo, and will creep back later, also rheumatoid arthritis.

General immunosupressive effects of chemo seem to linger...?

I hope it's nothing more serious than you need to stretch your arms, you might be having some nerve compression.

IF your therapy involved passive stretching of your arm over your head with a pulley, and you've stopped, best start again, it will help with the compression of tissue around the nerve.

Good luck.

My nickel's worth!



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Hey Pam my Friend,

Well, I know you emailed me also about this, but, being I am on the board at this time, I gotta tell you I am totally confused on this one :?:?:shock::roll: .

You never had chemo or radiation so it's not a side effect of anything like that. DAMN GIRL, can't you get something easy? :P:P Why do we always have to pop up with crap that is rare???? HUMMMM!

This one is going to take some thought. I'm just not sure on this one.

Maybe and hopefully someone will offer some good idea's or advice.

I'll do some researching for you my dear. In the mean time, remember, we CAN'T WORRY ABOUT WHAT WE DON'T KNOW! :wink::roll: So, just hang tight, okay? okay!


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Thanks for the reply's kids...and Connie...you are right...I can't ever get an easy thing...they took almost a year to dx LC...see what I mean...doctor's...doctor's and more doctor's...grrrrrr...

But these pins and needles I am almost sure is an autoimmune thingy which may take year's to dx...something like RA..lupus...

(not!! so symptoms of that whatsoever) connective tissue disease..etc etc.but I guess on account of the LC my doc is being very cautious ...a good thing but a pain in the butt..

Took 6 vails of blood today...

Ok kids...thanks...but if anyone else has any idea's ...cough em up ladies and gents... :-)...thank you all ...and God Bless...PamS.

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Hey Pam, i have the pins and needsles sensation in various parts of my body due to MS, have had it for ten years now. The chemo, iressa, temodar, and tarceva didn't seem to help the MS symptoms (which i was hoping for) but it didn't make it worse. MS and cancer both seem to be a malfunctioning immune system. Will be praying for you and especially that you not be worried. pammie.

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