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Jeffrey and the needle biopsy of the lung

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Hi all, Here's what's happening. So we go down to South Miami on Monday and he has the needle biopsy and all goes well the first time but they didn't get enough tissue so the doctor goes back in with a higher gauge needle and his lung collapses. They put in a chest tube and had to admit him. Naturally this hospital is 40 miles from my house and the kids are in school. I called friends who picked them up and I got home around 6 pm. This morning I went by work and then took off for the hospital again. Jeffrey was in alot of pain from the chect tube so I finally got the nurse to get him some demoral. Then I sat, and sat...and sat. 2 hours go by and finally I get my "additude" on and go down to radiology and explain that I need to get hold of the pathology of the lung tumor and then know the rest of the game plan. To make a long story short..I got it within a half an hour. Here's the good news: The lung tumor shows no sign of cancer at all! He has to stay in the hospital tonight and tomorrow night for fiducial placement in the dead tumor. We are going ahead with the cyberknife because it is now considered "curative" to do so. "It can't grow if it isn't there" is my mantra. Thanks for all the prayers and keep on praying that the fiducial placement will go better than the needle biopsy!


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I love that word, "curative"! Jeffrey should recover quickly from the collasped lung. Mine collasped at my first fna, and I had a chest tube inserted the next day to reinflate it. I went home hoping it would spontaneously reinflate. The next day I still had a "flat tire" so the radiologist inserted a chest tube. I declined an overnight stay (I hate hospitals). I went home with the tube in me and had it removed the next day at the local hospital.

Don M

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This is just the best news! CK should knock the rest of it out. I am sure the collapsed lung was not fun. They decided not to do a needle biospy on Ken for that very reason and did the liver instead. It is just great that no cancer showed. Cure is a magical word.

Karen H

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Hi Trish,

I am sorry I missed your post.

I am so happy for Jeffrey and you, with that good news.

How is he doing now that a week has passed.

Good luck with the cyberknife. Will keep Jeffrey in my prayers.


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