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Gettin' Better All the Time


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Well, I took the plunge. I decided around 5pm to take Dagwood for a walk. This is the first time outside on my own since Dec. 12th! I haven't gone out because I was a little shaky at the knees but it just has gotten to the point that I have Cabin Fever and needed some fresh air! Just walked him outside my apartment building, but he was waggin' his tail and seemed to be saying "Hooray, Mommy's walking me for a change!" (Please excuse me, I'm nuts).

Anyway, I figured Brian has walked Dagwood 172 more times than me since December - I called him on the cell phone and told him. Wow, he was happy! A little concerned, but that's ok too. Just wanted to let you know that it seems I'm on the mend. :D:D:D

Joanie ((()))

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What a super feeling, huh, Joanie? I remember last January after my surgery, it took me a LONG time to venture out. So glad you are progressing and improving. How are you feeling?

Give that Daggie dog a big hug from me and a 'WOOF WOOF' is coming from Teddy!!!!

Love to all of you,


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