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Taxol or radiation side effects?


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Been a while since I posted. I'm at home with my family for spring break and my mother is now in her second week of radiation with chemo (carbo/taxol)?

She has had a very bad bout of vomiting tonight and also has a feeling of having a lump in her chest.

I hate to see her feeling this way. Any suggestions on what type of preventative measures to avoid the feeling and/or anything that will help ease the feeling and the nausea? (She does take medication for the nausea, but didn;t seem to help today)

Any response/hints/ideas will be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Minnie,

What anti-nausea drugs is your mom on? My mom did best with Kytril(like Zofran) and dexamethasone twice a day (usu 9 am and 9 pm) and then used maxeran every 4 hours inbetween if needed. Her doc said she could also add gravol if needed. If she continues to vomit ( and can't keep anything down) you may need something like a gravol suppository.

My Mom also got the lump feeling in her chest. She could really feel it when swallowing. When it was really painful (5th week of radiation) they put her on a narcotic. (liquid morphine at first, then when she was having trouble swallowing, the fentanyl patch). They also gave her a mixture called pink lady to drink, which had an antacid (maalox) and freezing med (xylocaine) in it. She still feels that lump at certain times, and what seems to help is taking aloe vera juice in the morning.

Hope that helps,


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My sister is on the same treatment. She just had her third chemo yesterday and has been doing radiation for three weeks. Last weekend she was real sick. She went back to the Oncologist on Monday and they gave her IV fluids plus the meds she usually gets before chemo. That helped greatly and she plans to go back this weekend for more fluids.


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Hi, Minnie. My wife is on a similar chemo treatment and it is common to have nausea. Your mom should have meds for nausea -- one to take about every 6 hours and one to take intermittently if that doesn't work. We have found that she needs to drink liquids all through the day and I feed her about six times a day instead of three, with smaller portions, of course. We find that an empty stomach promotes nausea. I start feeding her as soon as she wakes up. She also had a lot of stomach acid so the oncologist, at my suggestion (I take Nexium), put her on Nexium, and that has helped. Best to you and mom. Don

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