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icbn (Bill)


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Thanks guys. You are the best.

Throat is tolerable, but still uncomfortable. Just wrestling with finances and such. Just when I think I might make it the good ole IRS pops up and wife's insurance jumps nearly $200 per month. New day new battle.

I don't have the luxury to worry about lung cancer. :)

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Great to see you post Bill. Glad the throat is "tolerable" It makes me so mad that people fighting for their lives even have to worry about finances. :roll: I will say an extra prayer that your finances will even out along with the radiation side effects. You take very good care.

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Thank you for the update Bill,

Glad the throat is leaving you the right

to eat.

Makes me mad that the insurance always go higher

with premium and lower in what the pay.

IRS (Income Tax here) are like hyenas

when they get their teeth in somebody

they won't let go,even if a bigger meal

escape tax free.

Hang on, better times ahead.



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