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Not giving up yet.


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I had everything set up with hospice, but I could tell Ken was not ready to see them. So I went back to researching clinical trials.

I found a Phase I at the University of Miami. At first the clinical trial nurse did not think he could qualify since he has had docetaxel. However, I read the exclusion criteria and it said "progression with docetaxel within a year". Well, it has been a year since he has had it. I called back, she checked with the Dr. and he said I was right and he should come.

We have an appt. next Weds. Right now I am trying to get all his records from Moffitt sent down there. It is a long shot that he can get in, his blood work is borderline right now. Hopefully, it won't change in the next week.

We are leaving tomorrow to go to TN to see his granddaughters's cheerleading competition. I will probably have to do the driving which is going to be rough. Ken always drove when we traveed. I am not much of a long distance driver so I am giving us plenty of time to get there.

Right now Ken is doing o.k. He is having more pain in the liver area, but his mental confusion has really cleared up. Apparently, it was caused by the clinical trial drug. He has definite symptoms of liver failure, but I don't think anything is critical yet.

It really is hard to just let go and say no more. I know we are really close to that point, but I feel like in order to have a miracle you have to do something so God can make that miracle happen. Maybe this will be our miracle, I can only pray.

Karen H

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Hi Karen

I just started a thread for you and wanted you to know that I am thinking of you. I am so glad the you posted.

I hope you have a wonderful time in Tenn. I know Ken will really love to see his grandaugher in competition. That is good medicine for the soul.

Also I pray that Ken can be a candidate for the Phase I. Fingers crossed here.

Hang in there Karen, you are one terrific lady, miracles happen everyday.

Praying for one here.


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Karen and Ken, I am so pleased that you were able to find another avenue for hope. I pray with all my heart that this brings you a miracle.

I wish you safe travels, and although you don't enjoy the driving, try and enjoy the sights along the way and just think of it as time spent sitting side by side with the man you love.

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