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The Berghoff (in Chicago)


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I need a pass from Thursday 'till Sunday night. I'm going to visit my son in Chicago and have one last meal at Chicago's famous (never heard of it huh?) Berghoff restaurant. The Berghoff is closing at the end of February. The lines to get in are a couple blocks long. So, Rochelle, I need the beer stein pass or warm mittens. Yes, I'll have a bottle of beer for Frank. But NOT with donuts.


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I haven't forgotten, Muriel, that you sent me to The Burghoff when I was in Chicago last summer! We didn't make it, but I sure did want to go. Locals agreed that it was a must, but I was out of vigor...

Enjoy! Hope your time is wonderful! I really did enjoy Chicago downtown and the vibe of the city.

How many meals will you be having there?

Cindi o'h

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Hi Muriel,

I've heard of the Burghoff, never had a chance to visit though.

I do live in the chicagoland area and didn't realize it was closing in Feb.

I imagine the food must be good if people are waiting in this weather.

It is supposed to be around 30 this weekend so you might want to make sure and pack those warm mittens.

Hope you have a nice trip with your son.

Warm Hugs,


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