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Me again...


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Hi all. Mike_s here again to report that I am still a very, very lucky boy.

I was scanned today at 0900, and met with my wonderful Onc at 1:30. NED again. This makes just over two years from diagnosis, so I brought her a dozen red roses with babies breath and a mylar helium balloon that said "Happy Anniversary". She almost cried. If I make it another 6 months NED, she will move me to six month scans. WoooHoo!

I have been thinking. What good does more life do if you don't DO something with it. I havent take a real vacation in five years. I told my partners I needed a few weeks off, and bought a ticket to Hong Kong. I just got massive vaccinations, and a few prophylactic prescriptions from my GP.

I do not know where I will end up, but it will be a bunch of places I have never been. I am starting in HK, because I have been there before. I love Asia, but I haven't been back since I was kid because my ex hated it.

I ordered and received a breathDEEP t-shirt. I want pictures of me in odd places wearing that tshirt. I am going to plant the LCHELP/breatheDEEP flag in some famous places in Asia. If noone minds, and if I can figure out a way, I will post some pictures here(small copies). Once I get back I will make a website and post the URL with full-sized pics.

Some of you can't travel. Some of you don't want to travel. I just thought this might be something fun I could do that would be interesting to some of you. We could call it "breatheDEEP goes Global".

Let me know what you think,


PS - I fly out on Feb 14, Valentines day.

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So great to hear from you, guy. You gotta drop in more often, ya know???

Your trip sounds fantastic! And you bet....go plant that flag....wear that shirt....and take lots of pics for us all to see. How long will you be gone? Maybe you can find a cyber cafe and check in from time to time while traveling.

NED is a great buddy, isn't he? Love 'im, myself!

Will be looking for ya!


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First of all Congrats on your clean scan :D:D

Sounds like you're in for some fun, go ahead and plant that flag wherever you can, we need all the help we can get.

Enjoy your vacation, with the clean scan you'll be able to put it out of your head and have fun :D

Take care


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Hi Mike, This trip sounds like a fantastic celebration for the excellent scans. Plus, you can keep the group posted during your travels! Your enthusiasm to travel is contagious....now I hope to see pictures of you dancing barefoot in a snowbank somewhere. :D Congratulations on the good news.

Love and mercy, Barb

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Wow! That is such great news. :) I remember going to Hong Kong as a child. That was about 11 years ago. :P They have just opened Disneyland HK in September of last year and I heard it isn't very great. Ocean Park still is better. My favourite place over there would still have to be Victoria Peak.

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Thank you all for the good wishes. I would drop by more often but I haven't had a day off in a month or so. I am working for a small hi-tech startup.

My business partners continued paying me all thru Chemo even when I wasn't producing anything, so I work pretty hard for this company.

Frances: I was going to come thru Manila in the PI to say hello to your father, but the only way I could route the flights was going to cost me my firstborn. Sorry, please tell him "Hi".

I will try to post pictures from cybercafe's while I am on the road.



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Way to go, Mike!!! This is wonderful news all the way around! I am so glad you are going to do some traveling and I really like the idea of wearing the Breath Deep shirt! It's so good to hear from you. Be sure and take lots of pictures for us to see!!!

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This is great news...Have a great trip and look forward to your return.

Your post is so positive and hopeful for the rest of us. Can feel the happiness in your heart... You have been truly blessed.

Keep up the good reports and health...Keep us posted and hope to hear from you while in HK. The cyber cafes. Be safe!!! :wink:


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WOW Mike,

Always glad to see a post from you and so glad it is good news!!

Sounds like you are a busy busy boy! Take those pics and post them for us to see your adventures!! If you don't have time to post them you can e-mail them to me with a desc. and I can post them for you.

my e-mail is katieb@lchelp.com

Have a LOT of fun and be safe!


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